Puttin’ Off The Ritz (Puttin’ On The Remix)

A colorful mix of club Remixes, from old Fred Astaire classics. Various Artists from all over the world have worked on the Compilation with their interpretations in various genres and new things have emerged!

Put on your dancing shoes to celebrate Fred Astaire’s 120th birthday with 120 Beats per Minute! New club versions of classic hits by Taco, DINKS feat. Alex Larke, Right Said Fred feat. Stella Jones, Kitten and The Hip, Darren Fewins, Scarlett Quinn, Louie Austen, George Bangable, Alvin Chea, Justin Turner feat. Gani Tamir. Remixed by Philip Larsen, wolfgang lohr & Justin Fidele, Nicola Schenetti, Andy Sikorski, Tyler Stone and Malachi Mott. Produced by Rainer C. Regatschnig, Justin Fidèle and Wolfgang Lohr for R&B Music, Vienna.

01 Taco – Puttin’ On The Ritz (Disco Mix)
02 DINKS feat. Alex Larke – Dancing Cheek To Cheek (House Mix)
03 Right Said Fred – Let’s Face The Music And Dance (Philip Larsen Remix)
04 Kitten And The Hip – Crazy Feet (Wolfgang Lohr & Justin Fidèle Remix)
05 Darren Fewins – If Swing Goes, I Go Too (Nicola Schenetti&Rivaz Remix)
06 Scarlett Quinn – No Strings (Andy Sikorski Remix)
07 Louie Austen – They Can’t Take That Away (Tylor Stone Remix)
08 George Bangable & Stella Jones – Something’s… (Tylor Stone Remix)
09 Alvin Chea – The Way You Look Tonight (Malachi Mott Remix)
10 Justin Turner feat. Gani Tamir – Night And Day (Club Mix)

© 2019 R&B Music, Vienna (A Tribute To Fred Astaire)

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