Electro Swing DJ Mix

A new Mix Series by Electro Swing Thing, hosted on Google Podcasts and SoundCloud! 💃 🔥 🎩

We are releasing the best Electro Swing DJ sets worldwide with this mix series. Find the pearls of Swing House, Neo Swing, Swing Hop, G-Swing, Lounge Swing and Swing here in the mixes. Electro Swing is a mix of Electronic Club music and the vintage sound from the roaring 20’s!

With DJ Mixes by: Justin Fidèle, Louie Prima, Varrick Frost, LePortier, Heinrich & Schröder, Heisse Pladde, Wolfgang Lohr, Emma Clair, BMVT, KimSka, Phos Toni, Jamie Berry, Aradne Wiremux, marinelli, DJ Mibor, Mr.Harvey Miller, Pep’s Show Boys, Sound Nomaden, Don Mescal and Sacha Dieu!

Electro Swing Radio