Summer Swing 2022 Playlist

Our Summer Swing 2022 Playlist on Spotify and Deezer is ready for you. The thermometer is rising and the calendar is pointing to summer, so it’s time for our Summer Swing Playlist.

We browsed deep into the Electro Swing box and selected the best summer tunes for you. From Swing House to Neo Swing, to Swing Hop and Mambo influences.

It’s summer in the city and to cool off we need ice cream, fruit, drinks and some refreshing Electro Swing beats! #SummerSwing 🏖️🍦🌴


Jamie Berry, Deladap, PiSk, Klischée, Balduin, LVDS, Odd Chap, Szigeti Juli, Honky Crew, Mista Trick, Glenn Gatsby, Mr. Jazzek, Madam Misfit, Peggy Suave, Phos Toni , 11 Acorn Lane, Biboulakis, Free Shots, Atom Smith, Varrick Frost, Hans Wachsmann, Kiss Me Yesterday, Masha Ray, Tape Five, DJ Mibor, Offbeat, Kiwistar, Josh and Le Chat, Milk & Sugar, Peter Egri, Melinda Stoika, Nina Zeitlin, Iolanda Boban, Chemars and Wolfgang Lohr

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