Good Co – So Pretty (Album)

So Pretty is Good Co’s fourth album and the story behind the title is the name of one of the songs on the album, and they think that name just personifies what the band and music is about. They’re all ‘So Pretty’! The band is about having an awesome dance party and feeling bad-ass about themself. Plus they play for/with a lot of burlesque, boylesque, and drag performers and they wanted to embody a bit of their swagger for the album!

Release Date: 2020-06-05 / Label: Funky Way

Hailing from Seattle, WA Good Co is the USA’s first Electro Swing band. Combining the sounds of 1920’s and 30’s jazz with the electronic music of today Good Co uses live horns, vintage samples, and funky beats to create a whole new type of dance party. Since 2012 Good Co has released three albums and has performed throughout the US, Canada, and Europe for music festivals, conventions, burlesque performances, and anywhere else they can sneak into.

How Good Co describe their music: First and foremost our music is for having a good time. Whether that means a dance party at a concert, in your car, or in pajamas in your living room, we want the music we make to make you feel good. Its primarily dance music, with our inspiration coming from many places, the swing of the 1920s, the funk of the sixties, the electronic music of today!

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