Szigeti Juli – Let It All Out
Electro Swing Thing #071

Szigeti Juli is one of the few representatives in Hungary of the amazing music style: Electro Swing. With “Let It All Out” they have created a great Neo Swing track with loads of energy.

Juli, the singer, founded the band 1,5 years ago after she returned back home from abroad. The musicians are all studied at the Jazz Academy in Hungary, but also know a lot about Electronic music. This is how their pulsating & unique combination of music comes alive which not only reminds you of the great old style of Swing, but makes your legs move & dance to the modern rhythms. Their goal is to make people happy with their work and make people dance to great music!

01. Szigeti Juli – Let It All Out
02. Szigeti Juli – Let It All Out (Instrumental)

Composer Juli Szigeti, Apor Pávai
Lyrics: Juli Szigeti / Producer: Anna Elza Garay

Release Date: 2020-06-02


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