Heppy – Sherry Coke

Heppy – Sherry Coke

There is a term used in Spider Man comics called “The Parker luck” that describes the misfortune of the main character. This can also be applied to Heppy, who in his years has constantly gotten into bad situations with women who he adores.

While he has found the love of his life now, “Sherry Coke” reflects on a story (Real or not? You decide!) about him meeting the hottest cat in town and suffering the consequences for it.

Produced by Hannes Gottwald and inspired by the track called “Banane” by Swing Bohème Orchestra, this electro swing beast makes you want to dance, while feeling the pain of being with a femme fatale.

The music video (below) to it features the amazing “Violetta Poison” who perfectly captures this feeling with a hot Burlesque performance.

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