“Is it a bird? No, is it an airplane? No, it’s Heppy!

Surrounded by Greasern, Rock’n’Roll & Milkshake diners, the restaurant owner “Heppy” lived happily in the 50s and 60s.
By a strange stroke of fate, it puts the young rebels directly into the future into 2011. Confused, the time-traveling comic and film nerd must fight through a strange world. His weapon: rap music. ”

The character “Heppy” is a mix of comics super hero and vintage musician and is breathed live on stage, on sound carriers, in videos and comics by its creator life.

Musically the music mixes Heppys through colorful genres like Surfrock, Electronic Swing, Mambo, Rock’n’Roll, Barbershop and Rockabilly with German Rap. No eye should stay dry, no dancing leg should remain silent.

Spread across other media, the story of Heppy is also told: Be it a web show, comics, short stories and illustrations – Heppy is represented everywhere and leads you into a world of petticoats and creature features.

So – sit back and strap on!
Your personal journey with Heppy back to an earlier time can begin!

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