iSwing Top 50 – June 2021 by JC JSum

Welcome back to the iSwing Top 50, I’m your host JC JSum. Last week DJ Mibor and Tallulah Goodtimes danced their way to Number 1 with banger, “Dance Into My Dreams.” Will they hang on for a second week with the popular collaboration?

But first the Top 10, and staying at 10 are Balduin and Masha Ray with, ” Wabababa.”

Dreams Shadow step down from 6 to 9 with, “Big Problem.” Mista Trick and Kathika are new to the Top 10 this week. Their collab, “Do What You Do,” steps up from 11, to land at 8.

And Atom Smith, Miss Emmma and Elliot Deutsch step up from 14 to 7 with party hit, “One For The Road.” The Top Swinging Entry in the Top 50 this week belongs to Tape Five. Their new hit, “Play Me Friday Night,” comes in at 33.

Odd Chap steps up a spot to 6, with the romantic and mesmerizing, “The Show.”
Masha Ray sits at number 5 for another week with, “Keep Falling.”

This week’s Big Swinging Shoutout goes to…

…Scott Bradlee! – Standards & Melodies Volume 2. Dropping the second volume of Standards & Melodies, Scott Bradlee continues to throw earworms our way with his playful fingers dancing across the piano keyboard taking on the latest and greatest hits. And Scott just announced a Grand Reopening Tour for North America and Europe, with his band Postmodern Jukebox. It runs through ’til 2022. First stop, Motown (Detroit, Michigan) in October.

Standards & Melodies Volume 2 is on Postmodern Jukebox Productions.
Scott also has two tracks in the Top 50. The Lionel Richie remake of, “Hello,” down at 48, featuring Casey Abrams, and the recent Friends TV show reunion sends the Postmodern Jukebox version of the, “I’ll Be There For You (Friends Theme Song),” to number 24.

DJ Mibor and Tallulah Goodtimes fall from Number 1 with, “Dance Into My Dreams.” It lands at 4. Alanna Lyes and Atom Smith climb to number 3 with the very Bond Theme sounding, “Disappear.”

Disco flavoured bopper, “Don’t Stop,” from Szigeti Juli jumps to 2.
And stepping up to Number 1, Odd Chap and Sonia Elisheva with the very high energy, “On The Run.”

Odd Chap is no stranger to the Number 1 position. “On The Run,” is Odd Chap’s eleventh visit here. The last visit was back in December when he teamed with Bunny and,”Whistle,” reached the pinnacle. For Sonia Elisheva, this is her first chart topper.

Jay Banks (iSwing)

01 Odd Chap/Sonia Elisheva – On The Run
02 Szigeti Juli – Don’t Stop
03 Alanna Lyes/Atom Smith – Disappear
04 DJ Mibor/Tallulah Goodtimes – Dance Into My Dreams
05 Masha Ray – Keep Falling
06 Odd Chap – The Show
07 Atom Smith/Miss Emmma/Elliot Deutsch – One For The Road
08 Mista Trick/Kathika – Do What You Do
09 Dreams Shadow – Big Problem
10 Balduin& Masha Ray – Wabababa
11 Electric Swing Circus – Connected (Featurecast Remix)
12 Riff Kitten – Strange To Me
13 Deladap – Get Down And Boogie
14 Jojo Effect/Mills Brothers – Manana (Jojo Effect & Gardner Of Delight Remix)
15 Speakeasy Streets/Etai Benson – Don’t Wither
16 Wolfgang Lohr/Offbeat/Nina Zeitlin – Swing In Spring (Betty Booom Remix)
17 Annella – You Make Me Wild
18 Little Violet – Good On Me
19 KDS/Stabfinger/Amina Annabi/Moonanga – Shotgun Swing
20 Lamuzgueule – Marshmallow
21 Mr. Jazzek – Loco
22 11 Acorn Lane – Limo Spa
23 Gaslight Troubadours/Eliza Carthy – Life On A Black Dog
24 Postmodern Jukebox/Rembrandts – I’ll Be There For You (Theme From Friends)
25 Baseballs – Rock Me Amadeus
26 Klischée – Get This (Bang Bang)
27 Little Violet – Taking You With Me
28 Klischée – So Good
29 Wolfgang Lohr& DanyloM – Ballad No 1
30 Jamie Berry/Little Violet – Guilty Pleasure
31 Mr. Jazzek – Chicago
32 Jamie Berry – Tetris (Electro Swing)
33 Tape Five – Play Me Friday Night 🆕
34 Balduin/J Fitz – Yato
35 Duck The Bass/Cait Leow – La La Love
36 Glenn Gatsby & Sonia Elisheva – Every Now And Then
37 11 Acorn Lane – Crazy Cat
38 Dyes Iwasaki/Lily Mizusaki/Demondice – Epilogue (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
39 James Jive/Julio Marks – Swing Me Up Scotty
40 Mista Trick/Hypeman Sage – Mr Sandman
41 Electric Swing Circus – Invisible Man (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
42 Tallulah Goodtimes – Billie 🆕
43 Zouzoulectric – The Caravan
44 Crazy Red Balls – Vodka Vodka
45 Minimatic – No Swinggity
46 Swingrowers – Follow The Stars
47 Dreams Shadow/Reest – Swinging Man 🆕
48 Scott Bradlee/Casey Abrams – Hello
49 Szigeti Juli – All About That Bass 🆕
50 Kumiho/Sammy Legs – Devil

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