LadyDot Review: Szigeti Juli – Feel So Happy

Electro Swing: the perfect way to deal with bad weather! Optimistic
musical message from Szigeti Juli – “Feel So Happy”

What is the weather like in your country? It’s already getting really cold in Poland, with occasional snow or rain. Not very optimistic, right? Longing for warmth and sunshine, we have to cope somehow not to be stifled by the autumn-winter blues. That’s when music comes to the rescue. And today I have for you a really excellent track “Feel So Happy” from Szigeti Juli, which will surely put you in a great mood.

Crazy instrumentals that will make you feel happy!

Very often, when I listen to a band, I choose one instrument from a new song whose sound I like the most. This time it is unquestionably the guitar! Already at the very beginning it enchants us with a delicate gypsy motif. And the riff you hear in the chorus is fantastically catchy. Pay attention to how perfectly the guitar sound flows through the whole “Feel So Happy”, perfectly matching Juli’s brilliant, distinctive voice.

Can you feel the happiness that comes from her singing? Beware, this optimism is addictive! Of course, the saxophone (and, as it turns out, also the clarinet – I knew I heard another wind instrument!) and percussion also deserve attention. Each of these elements works well together, but after all, this is typical for Szigeti Juli, so it’s no wonder that “Feel So Happy” falls so quickly into the ear.

Szigeti Juli and… someone else!

Already after the first listen I knew that Wolfgang Lohr also contributed to this song. How did I discover this? Yes, yes, you are right, in order not to make a mistake in the review, of course I checked the press release and indeed: “Feel So Happy” was produced and mixed by him! But just listen carefully to that distinctive drum motif between the chorus and the sax solo.

To make things easier, I’ll give you a hint: if you play the video, you’ll find this fragment at around 01:00 (but also at the end of the song). By the way, this video is really worth attention: old trains, steampunk stylizations and omnipresent joy – what more could you want? :)

Summary – this music will make you smile

I simply adore Szigeti Juli’s songs. After the release of “Don’t Stop” I started to follow their Electro Swing output even more. Why? Because this band creates a fantastic, positive aura around us, gives us energy and with its smile infects everyone around. That’s what makes their songs so memorable for me. And what’s more, they have an incredibly optimistic message. So: “Don’t Stop”, feel “Freedom” and… “Feel So Happy”! :)

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2021-12-16

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