Justin Fidèle – Electro Swing Live@Home 001

Welcome to our new format “Electro Swing Live @ Home”. We publish a series of live shows, gigs and mixes by Electro Swing artists, DJs and bands from all over the world on YouTube and sometimes on Facebook as well. The opener is played by the well-known Electro Swing pioneer Justin Fidèle, from the Electro Swing Revolution in Berlin. In the next episode, singer & songwriter Hans Wachsmann from Hamburg in Germany will give a live concert from his living room and further surprises are already waiting for you. Now enjoy Justin Fidèle’s live gig and we hope you have as much fun as he has had! #LiveAtHome 💃🎷🎩🕺🎛


01. Mr. Jazzek – Everybody
02. Varrick Frost feat. Lea Lawrence – Fever
03. Jamie Berry – Lost in Rhythm (Balduin Remix)
04. Glenn Gatsby – What’s The Reason (Club Mix)
05. Fred A. Staire feat. Alex Larke – Dancing Cheek to Cheek (Dance Studio Mix)
06. Jamie Berry – Sweet Rascal (Original Mix)
07. Wolfgang Lohr feat. The Speakeasy Three – Sing, Sing, Sing (Extended Mix)
08. Peggy Suave – Boolean Sisters
09. Wolfgang Lohr & Balduin – Imperfection (feat. Zouzoulectric)
10. Charlie Johnson & His Paradise Band – The Boy In The Boat (Minimatic Remix)
11. Zouzoulectric – Swing It Sister (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
12. PiSk – Who Dat Down Dare
13. Luca Lento – The Cat Came Back (BDD Remix)
14. The Swing Bot – Burn Black Rose (Original Mix)


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