What’s The Reason Review

Glenn Gatsby Has Deftly Composed The Terrific Song
‘What’s the Reason’ With A Touch Of Artistry

Glenn Gatsby has shown his creative brilliance with the magnificent song ‘What’s the Reason’. The musical bonanza has enthralled the audience with its melody.

He is a splendid artist who has come up with the scintillating song ‘What’s the Reason’ that has created a lot of fan frenzy. He is also into the business of production and owns a production house called ‘Electro Swing Thing’. He hails from Oslo and is a mind-blowing exponent in the genre of Tech House, Deep House, Neo Swing, House, Swing House, and Electro Swing. He has a habit of dishing out a cracker of a song time and again. He is a young prodigy who is 20 years old and delivered numbers like ‘I Wonder where’ and ‘The Great News’ that are doing quite well. You can get to see his interesting posts on his Facebook profile.

In his track ‘What’s the Reason’ is an immaculate melody which has got a very high intensity. There are dashes of reality in the song with flickers of instrumentation. The progression in the song is quite uplifting and has got multiple layers. He has infused lots of energy and optimism which creates an out of the world ambiance. The performance in the song is quite stunning. The groove in the song is very compelling!

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Review: Scoop24x7 Date: 2019-12-30

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