Mr.Moss is uniquely the only Neo/electro swing band based in the Czech Republic. Though primarily from the Czech Republic, the band also has members from America and Russia. Prior to Mr. Moss, the 3 core members – Michal Dvořáček and the brothers Jan and Mario Škaloud – we’re part of a rock band called Enter.

After the band Enter split up, these 3 guys found their love for electro swing and put together a project that is now known as Mr. Moss. They spiced up their project with guitar, played by Russian Ramil Gasanov, and live brass played formerly by Aleš Tichý, now by František Vaníček and Milan Petira. They say third time’s a charm, and after switching up vocalists, that’s exactly their frontman, Nicole Fay Kupka, originally from America.

This band has shared podiums with some of the most successful Czech bands at Jamrock 2019 and Majales Pardubice 2019, but also performed multiple times at the largest electro swing events in the Czech Republic (Electro Swing Fever). Their live performance will pull you onto the dance floor and make you want to dance. Their energetic concerts and the vocalist’s bold outfits caught the eye of redactors from Spark Magazine and even PLAYBOY magazine. After a very successful year of performing, Mr. Moss released their debut album HIGH in February 2020. Their first album has its classic electro swing hits, but also has a few interesting fuses, for example jazz hop, electro chanson, or stoner rockabilly. This party band’s lyrics vary from light-hearted happy songs about the weather, to hitting the town for a night out, to taboo subjects of drugs and prostitution. The song Gypsy Dream has gotten onto many TOP 2020 electro swing Spotify playlists. Through the pandemic, Mr. Moss recorded and released their music video for the song HIGH and locked themselves in the studio to write and record new singles that are soon to be out spring 2021.

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