DanyloM & Wolfgang Lohr – Piano Concerto in E minor No. 1
Electro Swing Thing #127

Classic and club beats, what’s up? Electro swing meets classical music and this time Felix Mendelssohn’s “Violin Concerto in E minor op. 64” from 1844 has arrived in the Roaring 2.0. The real piano, played by DanyloM from Kiev in the Ukraine, sounds absolutely vintage and retro. His TikTok channel is close to hit the 100K followers, flappers and dappers obviously like his live piano sessions. Wolfgang Lohr from Berlin completes these arrangement ideas and gives the track and arrangement its own typical “Lohring Twenties” spin! #MakeSwingGreatAgain 🔥 🎹 🎷 🎵 🎺

01. DanyloM & Wolfgang Lohr – Piano Concerto in E minor No. 1 (Electro Swing Mix)

Release Date: 2021-06-30

Composer: Felix Mendelssohn
Piano & Arranger: DanyloM
Producer: Wolfgang Lohr
© + ℗ 2021 Electro Swing Thing

Bio – Wolfgang Lohr

This Bad Segebergian-by-birth and Berliner-by-choice has been a mainstay of the electronic music scene since 2011. Among his 100+ tracks are remixes for artists (Felix Jaehn, Parov Stelar, Alle Farben, Lexer and Tinush) and a wicked spread of self-productions in the Electro Swing, House, Tech House, and Deep House genres.

As Lohr explains it, “the motto, ‘now more than ever,’ says it all. Electro Swing is what I’m all about right now, and this is the moment that everything is happening in that space. But it could be that the scene fades. Who knows. So it’s just as much as I can do all the time, release after release, project after project.” This dogged delivery has made Wolfgang one of the most sought-after Electro Swing artists worldwide.

Beyond his work as Wolfgang Lohr, he can be heard under various other guises, forming core constituencies of the House duo “DINKS” and the Tech House outfit, “Dorade”. He is otherwise active as a producer of music media and is one of the heads behind the “Electro Swing Thing”.

Prior to his emergence as a producer, he served as trumpeter, singer, and songwriter for the ska band “DaSKArtell” for over 15 years, as well as concertizing and performing in-studio for a variety of other bands. His music blog, “FDF” is a beloved collection of carefully curated tracks with a weekly audience of +30K followers!

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