Tarmac Rodéo – Buster Et Charlie (Glenn Gatsby Remix)
Electro Swing Thing #221

Tarmac Rodéo is an Electro Swing band from France that perfectly combines the original swing sound with electronic music and rock influences. They released their album ‘Grands Soirs’ in the first half of 2023, which features a whole host of fantastic, catchy and danceable tracks. One of them is ‘Buster Et Charlie’, with a fantastic intro played on piano, Lady Suzie’s enchanting vocals and a raging brass section. 🎹🎤🎺

Our great Glenn Gatsby remixed this song, adding even more Electro Swing energy, speeding up the tempo and bringing out the best of ‘Buster Et Charlie’. 🔥🎶

Are you ready for a real trip back in time to the Roaring20s? Let Tarmac Rodéo, together with Glenn Gatsby, be your guides through this colourful world full of excellent music! 🎷🎶🎩💃🕺🎵🕰️

01. Tarmac Rodéo – Buster Et Charlie (Glenn Gatsby Remix)

Release Date: 2023-11-03
Label: Electro Swing Thing / EST221
Composer: Malcolm Berthou
Lyrics: Julien Jolis
Producer: Tinush Salehi
© + ℗ 2023 Electro Swing Thing

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