LadyDot Review: Tarmac Rodéo – Grands Soirs (Album)

Time for an Electro Swing in rock & roll style! Album review: Tarmac Rodéo – ‘Grands Soirs’.

My friends refer to me as a musical treasure hunter. There isn’t a day that goes by when I’m not looking for more and more new inspiration. Every day I devote my free time to listening to new music, including bands that are not yet known to the general public. And that’s when I step in and follow their new releases with great dedication, so that one day I can decide that now is the best time to help the artists reach more potential fans. Such a time has just arrived for the Tarmac Rodéo. This Electro Swing band from France released a new album, ‘Grands Soirs’, on 10 March. Today, I am happy to tell you about it, hoping that you will enjoy listening to the songs and appreciating Tarmac Rodéo’s work.

Tarmac Rodéo – Welcome To The World Of Electro Swing!

When Lady Suzie, the vocalist, wrote me a message, I was very happy: I like to get news from artists. A whole lot of Electro Swing singles are released every month, so sometimes it’s hard to remember everything. However, I have had the opportunity to listen to Tarmac Rodéo’s single ‘Jukebox’ before.

As I’m sure you know, the band Swingrowers also has a song of that title (which, incidentally, is one of my favourite Electro Swing songs). And here… the similarities don’t end. Lady Suzie’s vocals remind me very much of the voice of Loredana Grimaudo, the former singer of the Swingrowers. There is tremendous power and emotion in that voice, yet at the same time softness and gentleness. I love it!

Tarmac Rodéo is a 5-piece band: the aforementioned vocalist Lady Suzie, Rod Lazar (trombone, vocals), Boniface (trumpet), Tony (drums) and Marty (guitar). Get to know them better by listening carefully to their exquisite music!

A Real Electro Swing Rodéo At Its Best

“Jukebox”, in my opinion undoubtedly the best track of the whole album, is a real contender for the title of Electro Swing hit. The distinctive swinging piano, the slightly harder hitting percussion and, to top it all off, the perfect sound of the brass section instruments doing a brilliant job… I feel like digging some coins out of my pocket and throwing them in the jukebox to listen to this track again. Oh, wait… After all, all you need to do is fire up your favourite streaming service, and then you’ll have ‘Jukebox’ already at your fingertips… Or rather, in your ears. 😊

If you like classic Electro Swing, you’ll also definitely enjoy “Savoy Ballroom” and “Orient Express”. Well, the latter track is also a firm favourite of mine. I love the French language, and here Lady Suzie sounds just perfect. And what I like most is the fast tempo, the electrifying electric guitar and that raging, outstanding brass section that fits so wonderfully with this whole Electro Swing style. I for one would love to take a trip on the Orient Express with Tarmac Rodéo. How about you?

I can’t resist and have to tell you a few more words about ‘Buster Et Charlie’. That piano you hear in the intro totally enchanted me, then I became enthralled with the distinctive motif played by the brass section. When I listen to this track, I can feel the inspiration of the Cut Capers band.

Electro Swing & Rock – No One Has Ever Combined It Before!

When I first listened to ‘Jukebox’, however, I was apprehensive that the other tracks would follow the same vein. That wouldn’t be a bad thing, but on the other hand, Electro Swing fans, as well as myself, expect a breath of freshness, ingenuity, something to set this Electro Swing band apart from the rest. To my delight, Tarmac Rodéo has a totally unique style and I haven’t yet heard such a combination of Electro Swing with rock and rock & roll (and I’ve been listening to Electro Swing for… a dozen years now!).

“Lose Control” is my first musical surprise. Energetic drum beats combined with a brilliant rock & roll guitar riff, and then again that brass section that just picks me up to dance.

Be sure to look out for the last track from this album, ‘Bang Bang’. Well, I guess I’ve been having a weakness for songs with that name lately (remember how I mentioned that I haven’t been able to stop listening to “BANG BANG” by the band Lamuzgueule for two months now? 😊). With this rock & roll-electro swing track, you won’t be able to sit still! Lady Suzie shows the enormity of her vocal skills here, and that guitar and drums…

I love this kind of strong sound, at which I sway my head rhythmically and feel again like I was at a rock gig a dozen years ago. Marty, Tony, excellent work! I have a feeling that it is this unique sound of these instruments that makes Tarmac Rodéo stand out from other Electro Swing bands.

Phones In Hand And… Streaming!

When I look at Tarmac Rodéo’s band stats on Spotify, I see that they only have a few hundred listeners this month. I believe these numbers will change significantly and, after reading this review, will only grow! I wholeheartedly wish them that.

Listening to the ‘Grands Soirs’ album was one of the most enjoyable musical journeys I have had in recent times. This diversity, this mix of musical genres, this creativity and a really cool sound! I hope you will also enjoy the ‘Grands Soirs’ album. I know that the band is planning a tour in France, so if you live there or are planning to go there, I believe it’s worth reserving one evening for a Tarmac Rodéo gig!

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2023-06-12

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