Riff Kitten Envelops Listener With His Latest
Exciting Melodic Piece ‘Never Mine’

Riff Kitten, a music producer and composer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota features a genre blending and enthusiastic blend of musical influences in his latest sound release. As it goes, the artist continues to lead the way with his uninhibited creativity that catches the attention of all. The specialty of his music lies in the fact that his sound features an eclectic fusion of a wide variety of rhythmic influences that enhances the overall tendency of the tracks to create a strong impact. Focused towards down tempo, Electro Swing, Dark Swing, Neo Swing, Jazz, and Nu Jazz harmonies, the artist believes in incorporating the slow energy of down tempo with the hypnotic ambiance of new age music.

His latest release ‘Never Mine‘ is covered up with minimalistic beats and is structured with varied layers of melodic electronic beats to give a listener the perfect entrancing sound. Andrew Reilly who is popularly known as Riff Kitten, is a classically trained musician who always felt a strong passion towards electronic music and his strong base in classical music helped him to craft his stunning new age music. The latest song is stuffed with a rich assortment of acoustic and electronic instruments that engulfs the senses.

Even after several repeats, ‘Never Mine’ never sounds stale as the musician believes that every genre has something to offer and pushed with his creativity and influential musicality. All his compositions bloom profoundly with new ideas. Build under the label Electro Swing Thing Records, the sing can now be heard on all platforms and stores!

Main-Link for all platforms: Stream & Download “Riff Kitten – Never  Mine”

Review: GuruObserver Date: 2020-03-03

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