Emma Clair Again Hits The Right Notes And Tempo
With Her Latest Musical Project ‘Sugar Rush’

The well-known DJ/Producer Emma Clair is here to cage your musical senses with her brand new collaborative musical project with Madam Misfit, titled ‘Sugar Rush’.

The renowned DJ, Promoter, and Producer from Manchester, Emma Clair has cast a majestic impact over the club audiences of Manchester. Her ‘Prohibition’ parties have created a great ripple of awesomeness among the masses. Having played across various parts of the UK and garnered a huge fan base with her tracks on music streaming platforms, she has come back to take the audience on an unforgettable musical journey with her collaborative project with Madam Misfit, titled ‘Sugar Rush’. Both artists have received immense praise for this track.

Consisting of a track with the same name and its club mix version, the project ‘Sugar Rush’ is a sonic delight that none would want to miss out. The skill and professionalism presented through the arrangement of both the tracks, speak a lot about the artistry possessed by both the artists. Produced under Electro Swing Thing, this track has already won over the house and caught the attention of many non-enthusiasts of music.

The powerful, intense, yet delicate presence of Emma Clair has always been the highlighting factor of her previous tracks – ‘Bootleg Beat’, ‘Time to Fly’, ‘Need to Swing’, ‘Move Your Feet’, etc. Well, this track is also no exception; one can easily familiarize himself with the enchanting impact that she has been able to cast with her work in the project. Also, Madam Misfit has certainly made her presence felt through her vocal performance!

Stream & Download “Sugar Rush” HERE!

Review by IssueWire Date: 2020-05-08

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