Review – Maldita Vida

The Swing Bot Delicately Fuses Classic Electro Swing
With Modern Beats In ‘Maldita Vida’

‘Maldita Vida’, by the renowned French producer The Swing Bot is a creative blend of retro music and modern beats that has left everyone spellbound and awe-struck.

‘Maldita Vida’ is the kind of track that strikes for its intricate structure that has turned out to be its main highlight. Engineered by The Swing Bot, the track begins with retro musical elements, and modern beats get introduced at the mark of the eighth second and then again the retro ambiance gets re-introduced at the 30th-second mark with the offset of a vintage vocal presence. This cycle goes on and on throughout the entire musical arrangements which make the structure complex yet musically satisfying and captivating.

The storyline of ‘Maldita Vida’ is something more than it seems and the more you focus on the details of the structure, the more the sound draws you towards the core of the music. The track fuses some of the richest elements of retro music with modern instrumentation that is blissful to experience. The Swing Bot is one of those rare artists who never shy away from experimenting with their music and this can be well-observed within this track.

The elevating melody of the hook of this track has helped in shifting the built-up musical moments and reflects the true concept of the instrumental effects to its fullest. Produced under Electro Swing Thing, ‘Maldita Vida’ is already a hit among the mass and climbing its way up the ladder. This wonderful release of The Swing Bot has set him up apart from most of the modern-day artists and has cemented his place in the industry. You can tune in to Spotify to listen to the track and also follow him on SoundCloud, Instagram and Facebook!

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Review: Minuteissue Date: 2019-12-02

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