Glenn Gatsby & Free Shots – Parla più piano / In cerca di te

The Godfather is back with an Electro Swing cover version and a medley between two Italian classics. Producer and DJ Glenn Gatsby from Norway and the Italian Neoswing band Free Shots have teamed up for a new single and will smuggle the summer into your ears.

It is a medley cover from the original “Parla più piano” and “In cerca di te”. The cult theme from the 70s Mafia films “The Godfather” has a lot of melancholy in it and now appears with club beat power, Roaring Twenties Drive and a huge pinch of sand and beach feeling from Sicily.

The authentic and crystal clear voice of the singer “Giuditta Frigerio” goes right under your skin and won’t let your feet stand still. The dance floor will shake and the holiday has a new musical blast in its luggage! #TheGodfather 🌞🏖️🍦🌴

Biography – Free Shots

The Free Shots excite the audience thanks to a fresh sound mixed with the reinterpretation of contemporary pop and shaken with the energy of modern Swing.

The concerts at Goa Boa, JazzMi, Andersen festivals, the opening act for Caravan Palace and the collaboration with The Sweet Life Society made their way to the debut album Vorrei Tanto Dir, published in May 2017 with the singles Lo Swing Inarrestabile and Bella Di Notte.

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