Madam Misfit

“voice of pure sunshine” Professor Elemental
“An exponent in the genre of Steampunk and Electro Swing…” Electroswing Thing
“Madam Misfit has created ripples with her mesmerizing and scintillating music” Issue Wire
“…a magnificent singer” Daily Music Roll

Welcome to the “Wonderful World of a Red Haired Misfit…”

The extraordinary, the peculiar, the misunderstood and the “can’t quite put my finger on it” add a beat and a sprinkle of Monty Python and this is what you get!

Standing strong for all the misfits of the world, Madam Misfit is an advocate for fellow red heads releasing her first track entitled “Red Haired Misfit” to turn the many negatives pinpointed at this wonderful hair colour on its head.

The inspiration behind her music comes from childhood influences of television and too much panda pop, with lyrics tumbling out of her imagination onto paper entertaining audiences with her delightful and witty humour such as with her successful release of Inspector Gadget produced by OddChap.

Her musical career began as military musician, spanning almost 2 decades with the Yoyal Air Force as a clarinettist, she has performed on stages all over the world from the Newcastle to New Zealand, however after a drastic change of genre and with influences from Electroswing artists such as Bart & Baker, her music eventually held a comical value once she began working alongside the wonderful Professor Elemental.

Her musical genre ranges from Electroswing to Chaphop, with her comical rap lyrics gradually becoming her identity within the music industry and many steampunk festivals across the UK.

Madam Misfit on Bandcamp: madammisfit.bandcamp.com

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