Since their debut at the Slovenian Theatre in Trieste in January 2016, 1000Streets has led a very intense music activity, which has led them to perform on numerous stages, starting with the most prominent theaters in Trieste – Rossetti, Bobbio and Miela; at festivals in Italy and Slovenia, such as Far East Film Festival, Trentino in Jazz Festival, Lakeness Festival, Muggia Jazz Festival, Borghi Swing Festival, Art Tal Ort Festival, Barcolana 50, and others; up to their tour in France and Spain, which has registered sold-out and lighted up the dancefloors in the main cities of the Iberian peninsula (Madrid, Valencia, Santander, Cuéllar, La Cabrera-ES, Les Fumades-FR).

In June 2021, the Epops Music label released the first album of 1000Streets, Electro Way, featuring musicians and producers like Christian “Noochie” Rigano, Davide Linzi, Raphael, Les Babettes and Daniele “Speed” Dibiaggio. The world-renowned mastering engineer Christian Wright of Abbey Road Studios mastered the disc. In just a few months, the album Electro Way achieved great success in Italy and abroad, with over 500,000 listeners on Spotify.

Since the album’s release, 1000streets has collaborated with Epops Music to produce new singles and perform their original music live.

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