The Soulmate Project – Be Yourself
Electro Swing Thing #236

You have an amazing opportunity today to step into the world of The Soulmate Project for a moment and discover the recipe for being yourself. “Be Yourself” is a calm, incredibly melodic track in which you will hear influences from many different varieties of Electro Swing – from a slow Swing Hop rhythm, to Neo Swing inspirations with pop and ballad influences. 🎶

The Soulmate Project’s single ‘Be Yourself’ touches the soul with almost every sound: percussion beats, brass sounds, and delicate piano combine wonderfully here with brilliant, heart-stirring vocals. 🥁🎺🎹 Allow the enchanting melodies to guide you, and let ‘Be Yourself’ be the soundtrack to embracing your authenticity. 🌟💖🎵

01. The Soulmate Project – Be Yourself
02. The Soulmate Project – Be Yourself (Instrumental)

Release Date: 2024-03-08
Label: Electro Swing Thing / Catalog No: EST236
Composer & Lyrics: Roman Andor Krotil
Producer: Roman Andor Krotil
© + ℗ 2024 Electro Swing Thing

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