Bbop – What is Love (Future Swing Mix)
Electro Swing Thing #238

If you’re wondering how to make a brand new version out of a timeless 90s Eurodance hit, listen to the latest release from Bbop. We guarantee you haven’t listened to a version of ‘What Is Love’ like this before. 🎶 Electro Swing flows seamlessly into Future Swing, full of lots of electronic effects that combine perfectly here with the sounds of the brass section. 🎺🔮

Don’t be afraid to experiment and open yourself up to a totally new musical experience. 🚀 With Bbop and ‘What Is Love’ in the Future Swing Mix version, you will discover that the future can be just as fascinating as the past! 🌈💫 Let the music take you on a journey beyond time and space. 🌌✨🎵

01. Bbop – What is Love (Future Swing Mix)

Release Date: 2024-03-22
Label: Electro Swing Thing / Catalog No: EST238
Composer: Dee Dee Halligan
Lyrics: Junior Torello
Producer: Tinush Salehi
© + ℗ 2024 Electro Swing Thing

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