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There is very little time left until Halloween, but we in Electro Swing Thing have already been feeling that unmistakable creepy vibe since the beginning of October! I have to admit that it wasn’t easy to write this article. At first my idea was to present you with some of my favourite Electro Swing Halloween songs, but the more I thought about it, more and more song titles came to mind that I really like. So I’ve put together a whole bunch of Halloween musical inspirations (both newer ones and ones I’m sure you know very well) that are sure to rock your party in spooky style!

Halloween Electro Swing New Releases

I have to confess to you that some Electro Swing artists sometimes share their songs with me in advance. Back in the summer I found out that Lamuzgueule would be releasing a Halloween single. And as you are well aware, I love this French band and their music, so I was looking forward to listening to the track with curiosity. “Panic Room”, as it is referred to, features raging brass instruments, strong electronic effects, a mix of French and English languages and the mega expressive vocals of Romain and Agathe. C’est génial !

Also worthy of special mention are the Halloween special releases from Electro Swing Thing Records. Did you know that this year we will be releasing a total of 9 Halloween Electro Swing tracks in October? Some of them have already hit the official Spotify playlist: “Electro Swing Halloween Edition”, which is all the more reason to be proud! I, of course, also have my favourite tracks, which include: Glenn Gatsby‘Somebodys Watching Me (Electro Swing Mix)’, Szigeti Juli & Atom Smith ‘Black Widow’, Retronic & Dominic Paul – ‘Sunglasses At Night (Electro Swing Mix)’ and Betty Booom – ‘Black Betty (Electro Swing Mix)’, which will be released on the 24th of October. 😉

Halloween Songs You Should Add To Your Playlist

Do you remember Parov Stelar‘s EP ‘Voodoo Sonic (pt. 2)’, released in 2020? One of the tracks I very much associate with Halloween and it is undoubtedly ‘Brass Devil’. As the name suggests, demonic brass instruments are undoubtedly brought to the fore here. And this main theme… it is instantly catchy, which I guarantee you won’t be able to stop humming it after the first listen!

One of my favourite Halloween tracks is ‘Supersonics – Out Come the Freaks’ by Caravan Palace. Incredibly danceable, Electro Swing, with a great, original and creative music video. I’m sure you’re familiar with this song, and if you’re not, I guarantee it’s a fantastic choice for rocking the dance floor at a Halloween party!
Speaking of Caravan Palace, I can’t help but mention the iconic ‘Lone Digger’ and the very atmospheric, melancholic ‘Midnight’, which I love and listen to very often – regardless of the season.

There is another song called ‘Midnight’ that has long stolen my heart. It is, of course, a song released in 2014 by the Italian Electro Swing band Swingrowers. The atmosphere of a spooky night, the swinging sound of the instruments and the soft vocals are a real explosive mix! Be sure to watch the music video for this song too – it’s created from the 1929 Disney animations that I personally love, namely ‘The Skeleton Dance’ and ‘Hell’s Bells’.

It’s A Pleasure To Return To These Halloween Tunes!

That’s right, the skeletons! Do you too love Andrew Gold’s timeless ‘Spooky Scary Skeletons’? In Electro Swing versions it sounds no less great! My favourite is definitely the one by Glenn Gatsby and Ashley Slater‘Spooky Scary Skeletons (Spooky Swing Mix)’.

Ashley Slater sang another Halloween track that I think deserves to be appreciated. They combined their powers with Wolfgang Lohr and provided us with a trip back in time, creating their musical interpretation of the timeless banger ‘Ghostbusters’ in an Electro Swing Mix version.

And if you like Wolfgang Lohr‘s work (and I know you do!), it’s worth adding these songs ‘Hold On’, ‘Black Swing’, ‘Black Coffee’ (feat. Dominic Paul) to your Halloween playlists too.

I previously mentioned Parov Stelar’s album – ‘Voodoo Sonic’. Another Electro Swing artist, Victor Ghastly’s Electric Timebomb, released the 2021 single ‘Voodoo (Spooky Swing Mix)’, which really intrigued me, thanks to Victor’s very expressive vocals and really great music.

I love mixing different genres of music, so I can’t resist Halloween swing hop releases either. In this group, I definitely have to single out LVDS and his two tracks – ‘The Freakshow’ and ‘Night Times’. In addition to that, lately I can’t stop listening to ‘Stormy Night’, which came from the combined powers of DanyloM & The Soulmate Project. And if these are the kind of rhythms that play in your soul, you should also check out Riff Kitten‘s track ‘Nine Lives’.

Halloween Electro Swing Albums

My latest discovery is the ‘Video Game Electro Swing’ album, released in 2021 by Filipino producer, The Musical Ghost. I discovered a lot of Halloween gems on there, and one of the tracks recorded with OR3O, ‘The Devil’s Swing’, I’ve been looping for a year now. Apart from the fact that this album is really well produced, it also features a lot of songs based on piano melodies and 8-bit effects (totally makes me think of old video games, do you too?), which I love. Yes, that piano is truly magical, mesmerising and screwing! My favourite tracks from the ‘Video Game Electro Swing’ album: “The Devil’s Swing”, “Die House”, “Porkrind’s Shop”, “Song of Storms”.
Oh, there’s another fantastic Halloween Electro Swing album being released in 2021! Odd Chap, a New Zealand producer, has released the album ‘Spooktober: Halloween Electro Swing’ especially for Halloween. It features a plethora of heavily electronic, varied tracks that are surrounded by an aura of mystery, darkness and sometimes autumnal nostalgia. There is something for everyone on this album – both those who prefer more energetic and danceable songs and those who prefer quieter melodies. My favourite tracks from the album “Spooktober: Halloween Electro Swing”: “Spook”, “Midnight Sway”, “Outer Space”, “Down to the Wire”, “Halloween Party”.

Halloween Playlists, Mixes And Compilations You Can’t Miss

I very much hope that you enjoy at least some of the songs I have recommended. However, if you are one of those people who, instead of creating your own playlists, prefer to listen to ready-made playlists, then I strongly encourage you to listen to these playlists, mixes and compilations:

Written & reviewed by LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2023-10-23

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