LadyDot Review: Swingrowers – “Educated Feet”

The Great Return Of The Swingrowers – With A New Line-Up, But The Same Electro Swing Vibe!

I’m generally a very impatient person – especially when it comes to music. When my favourite artist or band releases a new single, I so badly want them to release another, and another song, and preferably a whole album straight away, haha. However, thanks to the fact that I’ve been working in the music industry for a few years now, I’ve learned that sometimes it’s worth waiting patiently to be able to fully enjoy the end result. Such is the case with the latest single from one of my favourite Electro Swing bands – Swingrowers. On the 22nd of September they released the track ‘Educated Feet’ on Freshly Squeezed Music label. And I thought it was the perfect opportunity to write a review of this single. So here we go! 😉 Please listen to the song, I’ll provide you with a little musical education, and then I guarantee your feet will immediately get excited to dance!

New Line-Up, New Singer, Same Old Perfect Sound!

We had to wait over a year for the new Swingrowers’ single. That’s quite a long time, but for me it’s completely understandable – from the old line-up only PiSK (producer) and Alessio (guitarist) remained. I have to admit that they had the perfect vision to create a new line-up – Arianna (vocalist), Letizia and Carmelo (alto sax and tenor sax) and Davide (drummer) joined their band. And in such a way, the Swingrowers went from being a 4-member band to a 6-member band. As we know very well, the more people, the more different visions and ideas for the music. I must honestly admit that I was a little worried that Swingrowers would want to create a totally new style – and yet what they had created over 10 years was really excellent, full of positive energy, thrilling to dance to. Even after the first teaser of ‘Educated Feet’, I knew my fears were wrong, and the Swingrowers are back in style. And they are now fully ready to conquer the world with a refreshed line-up!

‘Educated Feet’ – A Potentate For Being An Electro Swing Hit?

What I love about Swingrowers is that they modernise swing sounds so brilliantly and combine this with a pop vibe perfectly. PiSK, by the way, is in my opinion one of the most talented Electro Swing producers, for whom it’s not the quantity but the quality of the songs that matters – you can just hear it in each of their singles. “Educated Feet”, in addition to being fantastically produced, has something about it that makes you listen to it over and over again. Why?
Arianna’s voice is totally delightful, sweet, gentle. I can hear in her vocals that she is very charismatic and above all, she brings a lot of freshness and positive energy to the song. I think it was a very difficult task to find the right vocalist to replace Loredana, but PiSK and Alessio did a great job in this case and I believe that Arianna will steal the hearts of Electro Swing fans. My heart has already been stolen, btw!
By the way, did you know that the lyrics of this song were written by none other than Vincent Degiorgio, who is also the co-producer and songwriter of Caro Emerald’s songs? And the truth is, after just the first listen to ‘Educated Feet’, I started humming to myself under my breath “Hey look at me, like what you see? Just look at me – my two feet have a PhD…” 😉 It’s not just down to the simple yet catchy lyrics, but also the music…

…Music That Makes Your Feet Want To Dance!

“Educated Feet” at first glance seems to be a very simple, catchy song. But try to listen closely, and then you’ll hear all those raging instruments that make this single turn out to be an incredibly complex composition.
I love the house bass in the background, which combines perfectly with the subtle drum beats and the wonderful gypsy guitar riff (Alessio, class as always!). Nevertheless, I’m also delighted by the sound of the saxophones, which complement each other fantastically, and get the maximum spin during the chorus. By the way, I’m very much hoping that in some time Swingrowers will release a single in which the saxophonists can present some crazy solo – I swear, then I think I’ll go crazy with joy!
As I write this review, it’s only a few days since the release of ‘Educated Feet’. On Spotify, this single on the 26th of September already has almost 19,000 plays. There are many elements to this success. Firstly, the Swingrowers have a lot of fans all over the world who couldn’t wait for the new release. Secondly, this is due to great promotion and the surprise for fans in the form of the release of the music video a few days before the official release of the single. And thirdly, and most importantly, ‘Educated Feet’ is a totally danceable, expressively catchy song that could become one of the best Electro Swing releases of the year.

Written & reviewed by LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2023-10-02

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