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A wonderful time tripping to Italy. LVDS feat. Iolanda Boban – „Via con me”

Whenever I hear “Via con me” (the original version and covers), I see a picture which will stay in my memory forever: narrow Italian streets, hot evenings, the smell of wine and delicious food… I’m immediately reminded of my vacation in 2019, when I drove down Italy from the Adriatic coast to the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. And today I had the opportunity to teleport to that place again. That’s thanks to a new version of this fantastic song from LVDS and Iolanda Boban. “Via Con Me” means “come with me.” So come along with me, listen to this song and I promise you will feel like you are on a Roman holiday for a while! :)

This song was also covered by Swingrowers, and as you know, they are one of my favorite electro swing bands, so I will try to compare these two versions. Loredana from Swingrowers sings it very emotionally. Her voice in “Via Con Me” is very mysterious and passionate. The instrumentation is quite calm, but at the end PiSk adds a great drum’n’bass insert and electronic 8-bit elements. Iolanda and LVDS did it all differently – but just as perfectly as Swingrowers.

First of all, this woman has such a beautiful voice that I could listen to it for hours (in fact, I do it very often, because “Steps on the Moon” and “Mr. Sherlock” – tracks that she also recorded with LVDS – are on my playlist :)). Iolanda sings “Via Con Me” a little funny, a little softly, and by the end so sweetly and charmingly that her interpretation of the song intrigues me greatly.

LVDS sped up the pace of the song a bit this time. And it was an excellent idea, as “Via Con Me” has a happy, energetic vibe. I really, really like that we can hear the xylophone in the transitions (or at least I think so). Ahh, I am immediately reminded of a short episode in my life when I went to music school (my major was percussion) and learned to play this instrument…. LVDS mixed it perfectly with Iolanda’s voice and used the overdrive to add a slight vibrato to her singing. It sounds really great. Plus that piano solo… It’s so wonderful that it could go on for several more seconds.

“Via Con Me” in LVDS and Iolanda Boban’s version is a great proof that a monotonous and a bit dark original song can be turned into a brilliant electro swing hit, which makes it absolutely impossible to sit still. I look forward to the next release from these two fantastic and talented artists. It’s wonderful, it’s wonderful!

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2021-06-14

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