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By LadyDot – October 2023

September is a very special month – many Electro Swing artists have already finished their summer tours and returned to the studio. Others have concentrated on releasing new singles, and still others are finally coming back with redoubled strength after a break and surprising us with new releases, new music and new energy. As every month, I have prepared a new article for you in the Electro Swing News series. Here you will find lots of news, my ratings of the singles released in September and my favourite Electro Swing tracks that I listened to most last month. So, shall we get started?

Quick Electro Swing News

  • Parov Stelar has announced his tour! Admittedly, it was at the beginning of October, but I had to write to you about this great news right now. As part of the Theater Tour 2024, he will perform in Poland (as many as two gigs – in Warsaw and Kraków!), the Czech Republic (Prague), France (Paris), Belgium (Brussels), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), the United Kingdom (London), Switzerland (Zurich), Germany (Berlin) and Luxembourg (Luxembourg). It immediately caught my attention that Poland, as the only European country at the moment, will host as many as two gigs as part of this tour! Electro Swing artists – since Parov Stelar loves performing in Poland so much and has so many fans here, maybe it’s a sign that you should also be interested in organising a gig in my beautiful country? 😉
  • Big Electro Swing comebacks – new singles after the break were released by the Swingrowers, Varrick Frost and Moonlight Breakfast, among others. And while in the case of the former band there had already been previews of this release published for over a month, Varrick Frost and Moonlight Breakfast totally positively surprised me with this news. Sometimes it’s worth waiting a little longer for a comeback like this, so that we can then appreciate even more that Electro Swing artists want to continue creating and enjoying us with their music.

Quick Electro Swing News

  • Klischée and their new project – ‘Klischée & The Sheiks’ -> Recently Klischée, one of my beloved Electro Swing bands, posted on their Instagram that after more than a year of intensive rehearsals, they are launching a new music project. For now, they haven’t revealed too much information, but from what I’ve been able to deduce from the video posted, it sounds like it’s going to be total musical swing madness! I can’t wait to find out more on this – I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Electro Swing Single Releases – September 2023

As I mentioned in the quick news, we had as many as three Electro Swing musical comebacks in September. However, I have not forgotten those artists who regularly create new singles and, as every month, I have gathered all the songs released in September for you in the list below. Do you remember my rating scale? One heart – I like it. Two hearts: I like it a lot. Three hearts: the track is brilliant!

♥♥ Elle & The Pocket Belles100 – 1st of September
♥♥ Betty Booom, Masha RaySway (Swing House Mix) – 1st of September
♥♥♥ Moonlight Breakfast – Under the Sun – 8th of September
♥♥ Dirty Cash – Make Up Your Mind – 8th of September
Glenn Gatsby, Sonia Elisheva, DJ MiborEvery Now and Then (DJ Mibor Remix) – 8th of September
♥♥ Jamie Berry, Cleva Thoughts – Speak Easy – 15th of September
♥♥♥! Wolfgang Lohr, Dominic Paul – Black Coffee (Electro Swing Mix) – 15th of September
♥♥ Atom Smith, Emma LeaHigher and Higher – 15th of September
♥♥♥! SwingrowersEducated Feet – 22nd of September
Szigeti Juli, BbopFeel So Happy (Bbop Future Swing Remix) – 22nd of September
♥♥ Varrick FrostRapture Night – 22nd of September
DJ MiborSomething to Dance – 22nd of September
♥♥♥ Amarià – The Sleeping Pills – 29th of September
♥♥♥ The Swing BotAs Time Goes By – 29th of September

Electro Swing Album Release – September 2023

On the 29th of September Cut Capers finally released an album with a new vocalist and a refreshed line-up. “Sightseeing & Short Negotiations” is an excellent collection of songs based on the sound of raging brass instruments, which captivated me from its first sounds. It is a mix of pop, classic swing sounds, Electro Swing, funk, soul and Balkan rhythms.

When I listened to this album, I paid particular attention to how fantastically the delicate, subtle and girlish voice of the singer and the strong, really very energetic intense sounds of the instruments are balanced here. I for one love such interesting combinations of seemingly disparate musical genres and the brass section, which is undoubtedly brought to the fore here, so I highly recommend the Cut Capers album – ‘Sightseeing & Short Negotiations’ to you. My favourite tracks: “Medina”, “Say That You Don’t Know”, “White Lamp”, “Don’t Let Go”.

My Top 3 Electro Swing Tracks – September 2023

This is a very hard choice, as I was enchanted by a whole host of different Electro Swing songs in September. My number 1 this month is undoubtedly Ghost Toaster – ‘Sunny Side Up’, which I discovered totally by accident, in one of the Electro Swing Dance. And so I’m thinking that maybe our dancers would be pleased if I recommended some Electro Swing tracks perfect for dancing? What do you guys think? Maybe that’s a good plan for the next article 😉 😉 .

3. Parov Stelar – „Sunny Bunny Blues”
2. Swingrowers – „Educated Feet”
1. Ghost Toaster – „Sunny Side Up”

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