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By LadyDot – September 2023

August was a very intense month for me. Apart from the fact that, as always, I followed the music industry and the premieres of new songs closely, I also went to the Sziget Festival in Budapest, where I attended many gigs of artists known all over the world. I came back from this festival with new experiences, great memories and, of course, a lot of musical inspiration.

I can already feel the whiff of the coming autumn, which, as you know, is a very intense time for the music industry. This is when labels release the most albums and singles. And, as I do every month, I am preparing for you a collection of the most important news from the world of Electro Swing. So, here we go. 😉

P.S. The number “12” next to the title of this article means that the Electro Swing News format was already created a year ago, wow!

Quick Electro Swing News

  • Did you know that the interview with Em Delacrem that we published at the end of August (you can read it HERE) has just broken records in popularity and is one of the most-read articles I’ve written? Within days, this interview became the most viewed post on the Electro Swing Thing blog. I am very happy that you are so interested in the facts about our dancers and that you like my interviews. It’s a sign to me that there should be more articles like this. Who knows, maybe I’ll have something special for you in a while… 😉
  • More records in the number of views of Electro Swing music videos! The music video for Elle & The Pocket Belles‘See You Later’ (you can read my review of this single HERE) already has over 100k views on YouTube! And this after 4 months of being published, wow! Girls, I wish you even more success and I’m curious to see if your new music video for “100” will break this record 😉
  • Bart&Baker have announced that they are opening their club in Paris’ Chinatown – Shanghai Surprise Club – in October. I’m very curious to hear Electro Swing live at this venue… 😉 If so, I’m going there as soon as I have the chance, as I’ve never been to Paris before and I’m very eager to visit this club, as it promises to be very exciting indeed!
  • In the introduction to this article, I told you about having the pleasure of partying at the Sziget Festival in Budapest this year. And did you know that the organisers of this festival have created a Wishmachine tab on their website? You can find it HERE, but I recommend you access it via your mobile device. What is this tab for? You can add your five favourite artists there, and the more submissions an artist or band receives from the Sziget Festival organisers, the more chance they have of being able to perform on one of the festival’s stages in 2024! I, of course, have already added some of my favourite Electro Swing artists. In my TOP5 are Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace, Wolfgang Lohr, Klischée and Lamuzgueule. And who would you nominate for your Wishmachine? 😉

Electro Swing Single Releases – August 2023

A whole host of new releases and remixes were released in August. I’ve noticed that more and more Electro Swing artists have started to take an interest in Future Swing. Do you know what characterises this musical genre? First of all, it is based on the use of hard hitting bass and drums. It is growing rapidly and I have noticed that it is not just limited to a fast tempo – some of the songs created in this musical genre are really relaxing!

Okay, but now, we’ve moved on to our monthly summary of Electro Swing singles releases. Do you remember my rating scale? One heart – I like it. Two hearts – I like it a lot. Three hearts: the track is brilliant!

♥♥ Bbop & Betty Booom„The Beat Goes On (Future Swing Mix)” – 4th of August
♥♥♥! DanyloM & The Soulmate Project„Stormy Night” – 11st of August
Lamuzgueule – „BANG BANG (LVDS Remix)” – 11st of August
♥♥ The Swing Bot„Retronik” – 11st of August
♥♥♥! DJ Mibor„Fire up the Swing” – 11st of August
♥♥♥! KELSON, LÒNIS – „BAM! (Chill Remix)” – 14th of August (P.S. The original version is great too, even more in an Electro Swing style – listen to it HERE)
♥♥ LVDS & Glenn Gatsby – „Marvelous (Wolfgang Lohr Future Swing Remix)” – 18th of August
♥♥ 11 Acorn Lane„Let’s Do It Again” – 25th of August
Alice Francis – „Katzenjammer (Bbop Future Swing Remix)” – 25th of August

This is probably the first month in which as many as three songs have received the highest rating from me, namely “♥♥♥!”. However, if I had to pick one banger that I think deserves a special mention, it would definitely be DJ Mibor and his new single – “Fire up the Swing”. Brilliant, uplifting melody, elements of club music and a perfect swing vibe. Jorge, excellent work – this kind of Electro Swing is a great pleasure to listen to. 😉

My Top 3 Electro Swing Tracks – August 2023

I’ve been listening to iconic Electro Swing tracks a lot in August. Parov Stelar’s new single, ‘Breathe’ (you can read my review of this track HERE), reminded me of his other songs that I used to listen to so often. That’s why my Top 3 this month looks like this:

3. Parov Stelar – „Cuba Libre”
2. Caravan Palace feat. JFTH – „Mighty”
1. Parov Stelar – „Libella Swing”

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Written by LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2023-09-11

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