The Prohibition Show #014

The Prohibition Radio Show #014 feat. DJ Mibor 🔥 💃 🎩

You can now listen to Episode 14 of The Prohibition Radio Show, hosted by Emma Clair , featuring a guest mix from DJ Mibor! His mix is packed full of lots of well know classics, so we reckon you’ll love it!!

0:00:00 Intro
0:00:33 Jamie Berry – Grandiose
0:02:58 Caro Emerald – I dont love you Phibes Remix
0:05:00 Swing Break feat. Kate Mullins (Original Mix)
0:06:39 11 Acorn Lane – Let’s Face It I’m Cute (Original Mix)
0:09:30 Basement Freaks – The Swingers Club
0:11:32 Deep East Music – Gypsy Dixie (Original Mix)
0:12:48 The After hours quintet – Egyptian Ella (Original Mix)
0:14:39 Parov Stelar – Don’t Mean A Thing (Original Mix)
0:17:04 Charlie Beale – The Gal from Joe’s
0:19:47 Bart&Baker – Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
0:22:40 Jamie Berry feat. Octavia Rose – Delight (Original Mix)
0:24:41 Louis Prima, Bob Zuga – What Will Santa Say When He Finds Everyone Swinging
0:27:34 Stranger Danger – Push Out
0:30:00 Parov Stelar – Gin Tonic (Original Mix)
0:32:42 Le Jockey – It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)
0:35:00 Louie Prima and Wolfgang Lohr – Wah De Da De (Original)
0:38:28 Clem – Precognitive Man (Shemian Remix)
0:41:16 Wolfgang Lohr, DJ Louie Prima – Digga Dooh (Original Mix)
0:44:08 PDF Project – Swing suite (Original Mix)
0:47:27 Swing Stuttgart – Digadoo (Bit Brothers Remix)
0:50:18 Jesse Rose – FatMan (Original)
0:54:01 Louie Prima and Wolfgang Lohr – Black Coffee
0:57:30 Swahn – Stranger

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