LadyDot Review: 3 Best Remixes By… Wolfgang Lohr!

Lately, as I’ve been listening to various Electro Swing remixes, I thought it was a good opportunity to create a new review series. One that will be dedicated to artists who, inspired by a truly marvellous original song, create a great quality remix that enriches the sound of the original version of the song. For me, one such master is Wolfgang Lohr. I sometimes call him a ‘talent hunter’.

When he hears potential in a song, he is happy to take on the challenge and create unique remixes, while making sure that the sound of the original is preserved. You know his songs very well, but are you equally familiar with his remixes? I have collected 3 of my favourite Wolfgang Lohr remixes for you (although there are many more and it was very difficult to choose just these 3 for review!) I encourage you to read this article and, of course, to listen to all of these tracks!

Mathew V – Anything Goes (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)

I’m sure you’re well aware that I love exploring Spotify for new musical inspiration. However, it sometimes happens that I find out about the existence and work of an artist because another artist… has done a remix of their track! This is exactly what happened in this case. I probably would never have discovered Mathew V if Wolfgang Lohr had not released a remix of ‘Anything Goes’. I love the warmth that comes from his unique, enchanting vocals and that brilliant swing vibe coming from the big band sound, something wonderful! Do you also immediately have associations with Michael Bublé? 😊

If you’re looking for an answer to the question of how to turn a brilliant swing song into a real Electro Swing banger, just listen to the original version of ‘Anything Goes’, and then the remix by Wolfgang Lohr.

See how great this song can sound when the tempo is sped up a bit and those distinctive raging brass instruments and strong drum beats – so characteristic of Wolfgang – are added in the background and in the breaks between the chorus and stanzas. “Anything Goes” has become a fantastic Electro Swing song that is sure to make many a summer evening more enjoyable!

Jive Me – Mr O’Butler (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)

This remix was released in June 2021 – just in time for the summer holidays! I really like Jive Me and in my opinion, their first album, ‘Jive Me’, was truly one of the best Electro Swing albums ever made (and it was the band’s debut, wow!). When I found out that one of my favourite tracks, ‘Mr O’Butler’, was to be remixed by Wolfgang Lohr (HERE you can listen to the remix), I was very happy, although at the same time I didn’t know if anything else could be ‘squeezed’ out of this brilliant song.
And guess what? Since then, it is the remix of this song that I listen to much more often! It has also found its way into my playlist of favourite tracks. What is it about it that makes me want to listen to it over and over again? It’s the intro, where you can hear the wind instruments so well. And that subtle piano that scrolls in somewhere in the background and complements the song so nicely – exactly what I was missing from ‘Mr O’Butler’!
Quite recently Jive Me did a new remix of this song – you can listen to it HERE. And something feels like I might have the chance to listen to it live this year when I go to one of their gig… 😊

Lamuzgueule – Posture (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)

This is certainly one of the most original remixes that Wolfgang Lohr has put together. If only because it is not typically Electro Swing, but contains a whole lot of house music influences. The electronic effects have completely changed the structure of the track, turning swing pop into… swing house. This is why I love Electro Swing artists – they are incredibly creative!

And besides, did you know that a remix can also bring a whole host of benefits, especially for the band that decides to put their song in the right hands? In this case, this principle has worked perfectly, as Wolfgang Lohr’s remix of ‘Posture’ has almost half a million more streams on Spotify than the original. And while I have a huge affection for the original version of ‘Posture’ (and honestly, I listen to it far more often than the remix – I love Lamuzgueule! :)), I know that doing so can enable the band to reach a wider audience and in gaining new fans.

Finally, I would like to make an appeal to Electro Swing artists – allow other artists to remix your songs from time to time – and maybe you will gain another musical success by doing so? I’m sure the number of listens to your songs will quickly skyrocket, and after all, that’s probably what you want, right? 😊

Written & reviewed by LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2023-07-10

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Anna works at a Polish music label, where she coordinates the physical production of CDs and vinyl records. Music is therefore not only her passion, but also her job!

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