LadyDot Review: Jazz It Up and Move (Electro Swing Remix)

The power of the sisters and the incredible power of their voices!
The Hebbe Sisters – Jazz It Up and Move (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)

As you know, I always decide which songs I will review myself. This month, it just so happened that my heart was stolen by remixes. I couldn’t resist the track ‘Jazz It Up and Move’ performed by The Hebbe Sisters and remixed by Wolfgang Lohr. Why? Because apart from the fact that this song is really adorable, I also had an idea for this review right away. Since I’m going to write about The Hebbe Sisters, I’ll also mention a little bit about Wizeruk’s sisters, which are my sisters! There will also be a comparison between Wolfgang Lohr’s remix and the original version. So, shall we begin? :)

The Hebbe Sisters – These Voices Seduce, Enchant And Inspire!

I probably haven’t told you yet, but I have two older sisters. I love them very much and I love spending time with them – unfortunately, they live quite far from me and we see each other once a month. When I was little, we used to goof around together and sing and try to dance, although I wasn’t very good at it, haha! :) It is the same today: we meet up and somewhere between talking and eating delicious cakes made by Iza and Magda (that’s my sisters name), we often sing at karaoke. We even have special coloured glowing microphones that we borrow from my nieces. :) It’s a really great feeling to be able to sing along with them!

And as much as we love it, we will never sound as professional as The Hebbe Sisters. These girls have it all: amazing original beauty, immense talent and a whole lot of charm in their voices. The way their vocals fit together perfectly will always amaze me – listening to them is a real delight. There’s a lot of passion in them, and when I play “Jazz It Up and Move” through my speakers I feel like The Hebbe Sisters are telling me a fairy tale. And that’s exactly how I feel – like I’m in a fairy tale!

“Jazz It Up and Move” – Which Is Better, The Original Or The Remix?

The fact that Wolfgang Lohr likes to remix tracks by The Hebbe Sisters comes as no surprise – the girls create truly brilliant compositions and listening to them is incredibly enjoyable! Do you still remember the timeless swing flagship track ‘It Don’t Mean A Thing’ by The Hebbe Sisters, which was remixed by Wolfgang Lohr? I remember it very well, and although I liked it a lot, I think I prefer “Jazz It Up and Move” – perhaps because my favourite version of “It Don’t Mean A Thing” will always remain the one created by Club des Belugas! :)

Ok, let’s get back on topic: as you know, I love classic swing, and The Andrews Sisters have always been the vocal masters of this musical genre for me. The Hebbe Sisters are clearly inspired by them, while creating their own unique, original Electro Swing image. Their 2020 version of “Jazz It Up and Move” features the classic sounds of the brass section and piano – I love it! In conclusion, although I love swing with all my heart, I can never get over how great the Electro Swing tunes in this remix were created for us by Wolfgang Lohr.

He has freshened up “Jazz It Up and Move” fantastically, while not adding too many elements that could overshadow The Hebbe Sisters’ vocals. But forgive me, I’m unable to choose which version I like better. Because simply both of them make me feel the groove, and most of all I feel like moving to the rhythm of these fantastic swing sounds!

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2022-04-18

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