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Dimaa and his best Electro Swing hits! Review of selected songs from three albums

Do you remember that in the first part of my Top 10 Electro Swing hits anniversary review (you can read it here) I wrote about Dimaa being my new musical discovery? I promised myself that I would listen to his albums. I started with “Quartier Latin” from 2018 and was totally enthralled.

And then I couldn’t stop and reached for “Out of Time” from 2015 and “1er Jet (Electro Swing)” from 2012. I thought I would pick a few songs from each of these albums and review them for you. I hope you will be as enchanted by them as I was when I first heard them!

The order of reviewing is random, but to make it easier, next to the title of the song, I’ll tell you which album it comes from. So, shall we begin? :)

“Make Me Enjoy !” [“1er Jet (Electro Swing)”, 2012]

This was the first song by Dimaa that I listened to. And it was “Make Me Enjoy !” encouraged me to get further acquainted with this artist’s work. This track really makes me cheer up instantly! Listen to this strong bass line with distinctive swing samples. Dimaa has great fun with the mixes here, making the song not the least bit monotonous – despite the many repetitive elements.

What else will you hear in “Make Me Enjoy!”? First of all, a lot of sounds are played on the piano or synthesizer. You can immediately notice that Dimaa uses a “real” instrument for his tracks and composes the melody himself. This definitely deserves to be appreciated. What I love about his work is that he keeps the lyrics to a total minimum. This allows us to focus on a whole lot of exquisitely chosen sounds!

“Afro Swing” (“Quartier Latin”, 2018)

I love it when artists use influences from other music genres and are inspired by world music when creating their songs. I recently raved about the Indian motifs in Klischée song – “Du pays des couleurs”. And now I’m melting over Dima and his “Afro Swing”. This is the track that opens the album “Quartier Latin” and is a perfect preview of what we can expect from the songs that Dimaa put on it.

A delicately pop beginning with subtle African elements does not betray everything about “Afro Swing”. We don’t have to wait too long for the vibe to change, because just after a while (actually around 01:30) Dimaa surprises us with a fantastic combination of this motif with excellent, really excellent Electro Swing. The track is quite calm and perfectly suited for holiday chilling on the beach – at least that’s how I imagine it. The sound of the sea, the scorching sun and relaxing in the shade of palm trees – just like in Africa!

“Gotan City” (“Quartier Latin”, 2018)

This track is so beautiful that I could actually write nothing about it – just listen to it. However, you know me quite well and I couldn’t pass up such an opportunity! This swing hop rhythm somehow makes me move to a completely different world – a world of reflection and sentimental thoughts with a touch of nostalgia. My heart is warmed by this brilliant Latin guitar, which can be heard very clearly in “Gotan City”.

It blends fantastically with the subtle piano and the brass section sounding from time to time (although I think it is only the trumpet sound, but I’m not entirely sure). For me, this track is a veritable mix of genres. The Latin-style guitar solo fits surprisingly well here. Because the art is not to create Electro Swing – the art is to perfectly combine this musical genre with completely different sounds.

“Fausse Coupe” (“Quartier Latin”, 2018)

After this sentimental musical journey, I encourage you to listen to another excellent track – also from the album “Quartier Latin”. It is much faster, more cheerful and definitely energising! “Fausse Coupe” starts very much like a lot of Electro Swing tracks. But what happens later makes me change my mind and I think it’s totally unique! You will find a lot of electronic elements here.

At times I feel as if everything around me is electrifying and lightning is shooting out! I love such effects in music – among others Duke Skellington is very fond of using them (quite recently I wrote about his song “Boomtown Boom” – you can read the review here). “Fausse Coupe” for me is quintessential French electronic music, of which I’m a huge fan. This year France will probably be one of our stops during the Eurotrip. I’ve already started looking for summer festivals – attending at least one of them would be a dream come true for me!

“0 O’clock” (“Out of Time”, 2015)

Anyone who likes Electro Swing even a little bit, willy-nilly, must also like classic swing, which inspired artists to make it into a new, refreshed genre. If you much prefer “swing” to “electro”, then in the track “0 O’clock” from the brilliant album “Out of Time”, you’ll hear it in almost every moment. The intro is really fantastic. Apart from well known swing samples, you will find there… elements of tap dancing!

This addition adds to the old-school atmosphere. Old instruments blend so wonderfully with subtle electronic motifs. There are moments when I really have doubts – am I listening to this song in the present, or have I already moved my thoughts to the times when good old swing reigned on the dancefloors?

“Mister Fly” (“1er Jet (Electro Swing)”, 2012)

Haha, I have a really fantastic association with this song. I don’t know if I told you guys this, but quite recently I won a DJ console in a competition. I figured it was a sign and eagerly started mixing different songs together. Admittedly, I’m still not as professional as I’d like to be, but I know that practice makes perfect! :)

It was “Mister Fly” that I used to create my first mix. I decided to combine it with another, quite similar song, NB – “Lol”. Have you already heard this great Hungarian song? If not, be sure to add it to your playlist. The main theme in this composition is exactly the same as in “Mister Fly”.

However, it was Dimaa who came first, as this song was released in 2012 and “Lol” was released 5 years later. In the foreground we again hear that perfect, swinging piano, so typical of Dimaa’s playing style. I love such rhythms, do you?

“Magic Tree” (“Quartier Latin”, 2018)

If Dimaa was better known in Poland (and I promise I will do my best to make his work known to as many people as possible), “Magic Tree” would take over Polish clubs – I guarantee it! This theme, which you will hear from 00:32, is simply musical fire! The brass section simply goes crazy! By adding electronic elements and a whole lot of brilliant mixing, Dimaa has achieved a fantastic Electro Swing club track.
“Quartier Latin” is an album full of many musical surprises. And “Magic Tree” fits here really perfectly. I hope this song will rock many a party in your house – with “Magic Tree” you will feel as if you are in a good European club!

“The Way of Life” (“Out of Time”, 2015)

My way of life is music. I’m happy to say that I combine my day job with my greatest passion. I think the same could be said of Dimaa. I read somewhere that he creates music for trailers. But I still hope that he will come back to his roots and surprise us again with some brilliant Electro Swing songs, like “The Way of Life”. Lots of classic swing, lots of vocals with superimposed effects and that charming guitar in the background… The song is quite long – it lasts 4 minutes. But don’t worry, it won’t bore you! It is so varied that every moment in “The Way of Life” will surely surprise and delight you!

“Andrew” (“1er Jet (Electro Swing)”, 2012)

The beginning sounds like a typical Electro Swing, right? But after a while you will notice that “Andrew” is a really great swing hop. This typical, slightly slowed down tempo combined with vocals overlaid with various effects sounds just perfect. Of the top swing hop artists, you’re sure to associate LVDS – but notice that his style is a bit different from Dimaa’s tracks. “Andrew” is a song you can’t help but sway to or rhythmically jiggle to. As the chorus approaches, I already have goosebumps. Close your eyes and get into these free-flowing sounds, which immediately flow from your ears into your heart. I’m enchanted – I feel as if I’m in a musical trance. And at the end I completely drift away – again because of that characteristic piano! P.S. Would you like to hear the LVDS & Dimaa duet? I would be delighted!


In a very short time, Dimaa has become one of my favourite Electro Swing artists. For me his tracks are a real musical magic. He perfectly combines old samples with modern electronic trends, at the same time creating his own unique style. I can’t describe all the songs of his that I like – there are really more than I put on this list. But I encourage you to listen to all three albums – I’m sure you’ll find something for yourself. I hope we won’t have to wait long for Dimaa’s big comeback – I want to hear his new songs so much. Because I know they’ll be great! :)

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2022-05-09

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