Masami Makino

DJ Masami Makino  born in 6Th/Gen/1965, also born and raised in Tokyo. He makes his Debut in”TSUBAKI HOUSE”of SHINJUKU in 1984. Thereafter,He acs as main DJ in number of “TAMATSUBAKI/ROPPONGI”, “TOOLS BAR/NISHIAZABU” , “ODEON/ROPPONGI”, “CAVE/SHIBUYA” , “MILOS GARAGE/SHINJUKU” limitless club up to the 80’s through the 90’s.Above all,The”MILOS GARAGE/SHINJUKU”which is his own produced and still leaves the name as a legendary club.

He has been active as a producer at the same time, truck manufacturers and DJ activities.Own produce unit to masterpiece “INNER CITY JAM ORCHESTRA” There is such a big hit number of “WE GOT THE LOVE”, it continues to skip the smash hit producing. in a number of music production and producing.in 2001,Produced “SONORA/ROPPONGI” in its own music sense to open for the first time management’s standpoint.Continued boost the ”SONORA” until the other to perform the unprecedented event closing of November 2013 The play with a strong appeal that would become anyone a prisoner if once experienced by Him who is one that can not be cultivate only the secular of field experience.

DJ: Masami Makino is one of the Merit who laid the club scene Genesis of Japan there always site. Currently, a little bit different from the Techno and EDM, Funky, Electro Swing, is under very active in the play and the production of Jackin ‘House that such a motif Latin♪

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