Don Mescal

Pioneer of Electro Swing in Canada and North America. Co-founder of Speakeasy Electro Swing.
Djing from more than 15 years!

Don is an absolute character, full of energy, love and got a playlist of songs that will make you wanna boogie. Don Mescal bring you on a unique musical voyage, combining a myriad of styles from Slow Techno, Rub-a-Dub, Jungle & vintage flavors in a joyfully flamboyant vibe.

Don Mescal has toured around the world over the past years and got crowds dancing in clubs and festivals such as Boomtown (UK), Burning Man (USA), Jazz Fest (Montreal), Piknik Electronik (Montreal), Eclipse Festival (Quebec), Trans-Peco (NY), Cross Club (Prague), Astra (Berlin), La Java (Paris), Bluedog Café (Mexico), Living Room (Switzerland), Lucky Coq (Melbourne)..

Don release 3 free compilations on Bandcamp :

He is now working on his new project : a new downtempo label called Cosmovision Records based in Montreal.

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