Da’Chabada is a French electro-swing trio, mixing vintage sounds from the inter-war period with modern sounds and powerful electro (house pop) rhythms. Their lyrics tackle subjects that speak to everyone, taking up the crazy challenge of making french words swing ! An energetic music, delightfully retro !

Da’Chabada was born in Eric M’Jans’ mind in 2020, author, composer and arranger of the musical universe, he was joined by Jimmy Lo’ on guitars, then Eléonore Bercq on vocals in 2022 to record the first single « Chabada » and the second single « Betty » , available on all streaming platforms since 17 March 2023. Since summer of 2023, Lucile Luzely is the unique and official singer. You can hear her voice on the 3rd single « Dans le Rétro » , available since 3 November 2023; and also on the remix of Chabada scheduled the 23rd of February 2024, The release of the first album called « Rétromaniak » is scheduled in May 2024. The lyrics were co-written by Eric M’Jans, Saïd Zarouri and Lucile Luzely.

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