LMZG comes to shake the crowd! After French and European tours, as well as their presence on the best compilations alongside stars of electro swing (on the Wagram label) they stand out as a revelation not to be missed!

Between Electronic Clash and Flashback: Swing, Funk or Hip Hop, but also brass and a cabaret piano, LMZG plays with eras and styles on “retro” and “pop” mélodies. The band hits the stage all over the world thanks to its vision of the French touch and unchained and charismatic live performances. If you seek them at your record store they will be classified between Caravan Palace and Deluxe.

Band Members: Lizzie Ivy, Charlot Beretta, Goldwin Chester, Gino Blueberry et Gil de l’Arsenic !
5 Pieces live Band on stage : 2 lead Vocals, Saxophones, Piano/Synth/Trumpets, Bass/Synth Bass/Machines

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