Joyce Nuhill

“She Came From The Past To Get You Jazzed!”

The sound of the Harlem Renaissance and the golden age of Hollywood paired with modern RnB production.
Joyce Nuhill manages to take us back in time while still appealing to our current ear and zeitgeist. Described as “somewhere between Marilyn Monroe and Nicki Minaj”, the songstress bridges the different worlds she’s always been living in. The glamour of a time long gone and the realness of honest songwriting. Music for old souls that are yet people of our time.

Raised by 90s Hip Hop and RnB in an Italian-Jamaican household in Germany, a whole new world unfolded for Joyce when she finally fell in love with Jazz, as well as the vibe and aesthetic surrounding its early origins. She soaked up old Hollywood movies, dived into the world of elegant 1940s fashion and began to admire screen sirens like Rita Hayworth and Dorothy Dandridge.

Growing accustomed to the dangers of a stage persona taking over other aspects of an artist’s personality, she started writing songs that did not only reflect her longing for the enticements of a golden era but also the human experience that has been lived behind closed curtains ever since. She’s set out to bring back the charms of the vintage world without neglecting the emotions we all go through on a daily basis. It’s her aim to tell tales of “glamour and realness” through an exciting cross-over genre of music.

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