Electro Swing 2024 Playlist

🎉 Are you ready to enter the New Year with a bang and rock your party in style? 🎺✨ We’ve got the perfect soundtrack to set the tone for the coming 2024 – introducing the Electro Swing 2024 playlist on Spotify! 🕺🎶

Picture this: the glitz of the roaring 20s blending seamlessly with the pulsating energy of today. Let these rhythms be the soundtrack to your adventures in 2024. Whether you’re working, relaxing or partying on the dance floor, this playlist is the ultimate companion.

And that’s not all – we’ve carefully selected each track to ensure a dynamic flow, taking you on an audio journey that will leave you wanting more! 🎵✨

So why wait? Discover Electro Swing 2024 on Spotify and let the music transport you to a world where the past and the future collide in a harmony of beats. 🌍🔥Experience the Electro Swing revolution and let the good vibes roll into the New Year! 🎉🚀


Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace, Jamie Berry, Alice Francis, Bart&Baker, Caro Emerald, ProleteR, Wolfgang Lohr, Peggy Suave, Klischée, Smokey Joe & the Kid, Swingrowers, Balduin, Annella, The Swing Bot, PiSk, Hans Wachsmann, Mista Trick, Atom Smith, Odd Chap, The Electric Swing Circus, Varrick Frost, C@t in the H@, SPEKRFREKS, DJ Mibor, Emma Clair, Alanna Lyes, Waldeck, dunkelbunt, Deladap, Dirty Honkers, Duke Skellington, Ninjula, Swing Republic, Free Shots, Minimatic, Tape Five, Skeewiff, Dimie Cat, Vassili Gemini, 11 Acorn Lane, Kitten and The Hip, Nikola Vujicic, Phos Toni, Pep’s Show Boys, Louie Prima, Marc Spieler, Offbeat, Justin Fidèle, Lyre Le Temps, OB3one, Lamuzgueule, LePortier, BMVT and many more!

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