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By LadyDot – January 2024

We’re starting another year full of a whole lot of great music, new releases, new reviews and artist interviews and… a real Electro Swing revolution! I don’t know if you know, but at the end of the year I started working with Electro Swing Thing as A&R & Content Manager. Apart from the fact that this is undoubtedly the fulfilment of my fondest dreams, it additionally enables me to be even closer to your favourite artists. I present to you an abbreviated format of Electro Swing News, i.e. an Electro Swing summary of December and news from January. It will be shorter, but I promise it will be no less interesting!

Quick Electro Swing News & Gossip

  • Riff Kitten released a new single at the beginning of January after a year’s hiatus – ‘We Showed ‘Em’ – and additionally released the news that his new merch is now available, and you can buy it HERE.
  • Moonlight Breakfast will release their fourth album in 2024, hurray!
  • The Soulmate Project will also be releasing an album in 2024, I can’t wait!
  • I think I’ve already informed you about this, but Caravan Palace have also scheduled an album release for spring 2024 😊.
  • Tarmac Rodéo have announced a 2024 tour – you can go to their shows in France and one in Switzerland.
  • On the 23rd of February, the soundtrack to the first Electro Swing musical will be released! ‘Whisper Darkly’ is the concept album of the musical of the same name. The songs were composed and written by Andrew Gerle and DJ Salisbury, who have many years of experience on Broadway and in the New York jazz scene, and collaborated with the well-known and much-loved PiSK of the Swingrowers! I’ll definitely still have a chance to tell you more about this project, so keep an eye on our website and be sure to listen to the remix of the track ‘Too Much Fun Fun’, which is the first preview of the album.
  • The second part of the article for Electro Swing dancers will be published in early February (you can read the first part HERE).
  • Electro Swing articles you can’t miss
    -> Interview with Swingrowers (HERE)
    -> Review of The Jazz Hop Café compilation – “The Speakeasy” (HERE)

Electro Swing Single Releases – December 2023

My dear readers, I have decided not to rate any more new singles. Everyone’s tastes are completely different, and I wouldn’t want to suggest to you which song is the best. I simply leave you with a list of new releases, and you listen to them, dance to them and add them to your playlists! 😊

Electro Swing Album Release – December 2023

On 22nd December 2023, the re-release of LMZG‘s album “WE ARE ANACHRONIC” was released. LMZG are always surprising us with new songs, so it couldn’t be any different in this case. On the reissue of this album you will find as many as five totally new songs: “PANIC ROOM”, “REBOOT”, “ORAGE”, “SATELLITE” and “CICATRICES”. Which of these is the best? I’m not able to choose because they are all great, heavily electronic and danceable! You can order this excellent album here, which I wholeheartedly encourage you to do: https://www.lmzg.fr/affiches. I already have my own CD, how about you? 😊


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