Honky Crew – Harlem Nights

New Release: Honky Crew – Harlem Nights EP

A brandnew 3-track Swing House EP by the Honky Crew from Budapest in Hungary. The style and sound is not so far from Parov Stelar, but it’s no copy. They have created an own style of Electro Swing and there are some well-known heads behind this newcomer project!

The HONKY CREW is an Electro Swing duo and live show based on drums and a DJ, featuring guest performers too!
The idea was born by cheeky nights in the charming Budapest, founded by ORDIMAN, the well-known Electro Swing DJ/producer (Stereo Swing), and the vintage style drummer LASZLO TAMASI (ex-Mystery Gang, Stereo Swing). Each live show is filled with authentic songs and remixes written by the HONKY CREW aka “the swing kids”. Taste it, feel it, love it! ;)

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