Honky Crew’s Newest Track ‘Can’t Stop’ Is A Blissful Journey
With Its Smooth Jazz Blended To Modern Swing

‘Can’t Stop’ by the budding and promising electro-swing duo Honky Crew is an idyllic experience. It draws the audience into an abyss of reverie and ecstasy.

Vintage or modern swing and conventional jazz have been the main inspiration behind the electro-swing Genre. The rightful balance of off-beat swing and classical jazz is presented in the single ‘Can’t Stop’ by poignant Electro Swing Duo Honky Crew. The song retains the brisk enthusiasm of live brass and early swing recordings creating a perfect soundscape for the audience to move their feet and swept away by their mesmerizing nostalgic tunes.

The song has rounded off with fat beats and a pumping, groovy bass line, arranging a definite crisp Electro Swing banger. Honky Crew is an Electro Swing duo and live act based on drums and a DJ. The group was founded by ORDIMAN, the well known Electro Swing DJ/producer (Stereo Swing), and the vintage style drummer LASZLO TAMASI. Each live show is electrifying with authentic songs and remixes are written by the group and they are often accompanied by guest performers in their electrifying performances.

The single ‘Can’t Stop’ sets a milestone in the new Neo Swing genre. The catchy vocal hook as well as a flowing saxophone line, and the ragtime piano as a base of the song has become a trademark of their productions!

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Review: IssueWire Date: 2020-03-12

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