LVDS Reaches The Soul Of The Audience
Through His Latest Release ‘1925’

Backed up by classic vibes and designed with modern-day instrumentation, the track ‘1925’ by LVDS is swiftly reaching the top of the international music charts.

The consistently brilliantly and ever-creative LVDS has emerged into the scene with his new instrumental project ‘1925’. Stylishly engineered under Electro Swing Thing, this track is brilliant with respect to all the aspects of music-making. Fusing time zones of classic instrumentation and modern-day sound design, the sound of the saxophone of this track pierces straight through the heart of the listener. This swing hop track is blissful to the ears and a mesmerizing sonic delight to say the least. Once you press the play button there is no going back to normal sound.

The instrumentation fills the head, the moment the play button is pressed and doesn’t leave the scene until the end. However, there is no respite after the end as well; the fascinating sound will keep lingering on your mind. This track is everything, a true fan could’ve hoped for. The thing that has worked so well for ‘1925’ is that the entire structural development is led by precision and constant intensity. LVDS has done tremendous work here and his superb musicianship can be felt throughout the track.

‘1925’ is a perfect comeback for the Roaring Twenties and LVDS has done justice to the track. The fusion of Hip Hop with engaging instrumentation has led to its immense success, which is pretty rare. Classic solo working in unison with enthralling instrumental effects – this is the ultimate destination of all the music lovers!

Main-Link for all platforms: Stream & Download “LVDS – 1925” Here!

Review: IssueWire Date: 2020-02-21

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