iSwing Top 50 – October 2021 by JC JSum

Welcome back to the blog and countdown, I’m your host JC JSum. Little Violet’s, “Code Red,” topped the chart for a fourth week last week. Keep reading to see if Little Violet hangs on to Number 1 for a fifth week.

We’ll start the Top 10 with this week’s Top Swinging Entry. “Spooky Scary Skeletons,” the Halloween collaboration from Betty Booom and Ashley Slater arrives at number 10 in the Top 50.

The Swing Bot scores a double whammy this week. The first single, “About You,” from the mysterious mustache’s upcoming album steps up to 9 from 14. And second single, “Burlesque Distortion,” is at number 7 for another week. Third single, “Gram Off On,” debuts down at 50.

High Step Society and Free Creatures slip to number 8 with, “Sweet Tooth.” Little Violet’s “All The World’s A Stage,” jumps to number 6. And sadly her reign at Number 1 is over. “Code Red,” drops to number 5.

This week’s Big Swinging Shoutout goes to..

The Allergies – Promised Land

The Allergies last album, Say The Word, was an exceptional take on the current Funk music situation with a beautifully designed package. Promised Land, easily bests their last album. The old school samples are more danceable, the beats are unbeatable and yes it’s even funkier. Promised Land is on Jalapeno Records.

Back in the Top 10, Deladap, Wolfgang Lohr and Melinda Stoika are sitting at number 4 with their delicious, “Cream Soda.” DJ Mibor’s, “You’re Driving Me Crazy,” steps up to 3. And Odd Chap’s, “All That Jazz,” jumps up to number 2. They sat patiently in the runner-up spot for three weeks, now Postmodern Jukebox and Haley Reinhart take over number 1 with, “Don’t Speak.”

Jay Banks (iSwing)

01 Postmodern Jukebox & Haley Reinhart – Don’t Speak
02 Odd Chap – All That Jazz
03 DJ Mibor – You’re Driving Me Crazy
04 Deladap & Wolfgang Lohr/Melinda Stoika – Cream Soda
05 Little Violet – Code Red
06 Little Violet – All The World’s A Stage
07 The Swing Bot – Burlesque Distortion
08 High Step Society & Free Creatures – Sweet Tooth
09 The Swing Bot – About You
10 Betty Booom & Ashley Slater – Spooky Scary Skeletons 🆕
11 Jamie Berry – Murder In The Moonlight
12 Dave Wave & Liel Bar-Z – Dangerous
13 Tony Wellin – Mississippi Mud
14 Kumiho & Sammy Legs – Devil
15 Balduin – Melody
16 Balduin/Sue – Hangover
17 LVDS & Iolanda Boban – Friends & Enemies
18 Electric Swing Circus – Invisible Man (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
19 1000Streets/Angelica/Nai Boa – Good Vibes
20 Blush Fox Trio – Play It Hot (Radio Edit)
21 Riff Kitten/Kumiho – Dreaming In Blue
22 Alanna Lyes/Atom Smith/Riff Kitten – Diver
23 Emma Clair/Maria/Tallulah Goodtimes – Running Wild (Radio Edit)
24 Mista Trick – Shambala
25 Yabloko Moloko – Knockout Swing

26 Emma Clair/Alanna Lyes – Disco Swing (Radio Edit)
27 Little Violet – Silent Movie
28 Dr Fre – I Ain’t Got Nobody
29 Tallulah Goodtimes – Brass Tracks (Here For A Good Time)
30 Real Tuesday Weld – Me & Mr Wolf 🆕
31 Szigeti Juli – Freedom
32 Bart&Baker/Louie Austen – Smile (Electro Swing Remix)
33 Jamie Berry & Octavia Rose – Make Me Believe
34 Crazy Red Balls – Louis Swing (Radio Edit) 🆕
35 Little Violet – Taking You With Me
36 Glenn Gatsby & Free Shots – Parla Piu Piano In Cerca Di Te
37 LVDS & Joyce Nuhill – No Biz
38 The Hebbe Sisters & Wolfgang Lohr – It Don’t Mean A Thing (Electro Swing Mix)
39 EyeWaz – Boundless
40 11 Acorn Lane – Fly
41 Odd Chap – Spook 🆕
42 Mr Automatic/Momo-Dono – Postmodern Love (Is So Passe)
43 Mista Trick/Elle & The Pocket Belles – Drive
44 Madam Misfit – Don’t Girl (Radio Edit)
45 Little Violet – Roll The Dice
46 Masha Ray – Break The Spell
47 Flapjacks – Mr Sandman (Allen Farben Remix) 🆕
48 Max The Sax – Themepark
49 Betty Booom & J Fitz – Puttin On The Ritz
50 The Swing Bot – Gram Off On 🆕

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