Riff Kitten Review

Riff Kitten Makes the Audience Lose Their Mind
With ‘She’ll Make You Lose Your Mind’

The audience is certainly in for an electronic treat – ‘She’ll Make You Lose Your Mind’ by Riff Kitten is making people go crazy over the flawless musicianship.

‘She’ll Make You Lose Your Mind’ has an openness to it and the lightness that it bears is its highlight that has fascinated the audience. The synth-like riffs and the rhythmic musicality inject smoothness into the atmosphere and drive the audience towards musical majesty. The leading sound of this track has brilliance written all over it and the artistry of Riff Kitten is undeniably supreme. The harmonically rich elements add a lot to the overall presentation and the unusual switch between these elements is worth investing time.

Andrew Reilly or Riff Kitten is now a renowned name in the music industry. Famous musical projects, such as ‘Swag Rag’, ‘Swing Days’, ‘Sentimental’, ‘Seven stories’, etc. have helped this musical wizard reach the zenith of success. This Minnesota based producer and songwriter is now the light bearer of the genre of electronic music and the fans are gushing over his musicianship and artistic charm. His tracks are filled with the richest elements of the mentioned genre and focus on each of the elements with the utmost attention.

Engineered under Electro Swing Thing, ‘She’ll Make You Lose Your Mind’ is a mid-tempo Dark Swing track that none had expected and are still can’t absorb the awesomeness. The triplet groove will make you wonder about the artistry that Riff Kitten possesses. The signature Honky Tonk lead piano is blissful to the ears and entices you to listen to it over and over!

Main-Link for all platforms: Stream & Download “SHE’LL MAKE YOU LOSE YOUR  MIND” Here!

Review: IssueWire Date: 2020-02-03

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