Spring Swing – Electro Swing Mix 2024

It’s that time of year again and we know how much you love our mixes on YouTube and SoundCloud, so we’ve prepared a well fitting spring mix for you – because it’s Swing in Spring again! 🌼🎶 There is no better way to start the warm season than with some Electro Swing music.

Celebrate the first day of spring with us and feel this motivating, sunny vibe that will put you in a great mood and give you lots of musical inspiration! ☀️💃

The “Spring Swing Mix 2024” is now available on all platforms and we wish you a great time listening on YouTube and SoundCloud or jump on our “Spring Swing” playlist on Spotify! 🌸🌻🎶 #SwingInSpring

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Wolfgang Lohr, Offbeat, Nina Zeitlin, Glenn Gatsby, 11 Acorn Lane, 1000streets, Angelica, Nai Boa, Balduin, Atom Smith, Da’Chabada, Betty Booom, Intended Immigration, Tamela D’Amico, Ashley Slater, Spekrfreks, Alice Francis, DJ Mibor, Emma Lea, Duke Skellington, Tarmac Rodéo, The Soulmate Project, Odd Chap, J Fitz, Elle, The Pocket Belles, Chris Weeks, Bbop, Masha Ray, Swing’it, Sam Norris, Amarià, Shaun The Jazzman, C@ in the H@, LVDS, DJ Weide, Bonny Bee, Sonia Elisheva, Al Jawala, Dacha Dynamics, Bart & Baker, LMZG, Dominic Paul, Riff Kitten


0:00:00 Spring Swing 2024 Intro
0:00:10 Wolfgang Lohr & Offbeat feat. Nina Zeitlin – Swing in Spring (Glenn Gatsby Remix)
0:02:49 11 Acorn Lane – Hips That Swing
0:05:45 1000streets & Angelica feat. Nai Boa – Good Vibes (Glenn Gatsby Remix)
0:08:35 Balduin – Hep Cat Boogie (Atom Smith Remix)
0:11:46 Da’Chabada – Chabada (Betty Booom Remix)
0:14:38 Intended Immigration – Barbie Girl (Electro Swing Remix)
0:17:16 Tamela D’Amico, Wolfgang Lohr & Ashley Slater – Boring 20s (Betty Booom Remix)
0:19:53 Spekrfreks – Move
0:22:12 Alice Francis – Shake! (DJ Mibor Remix)
0:25:09 Emma Lea & Duke Skellington – Showgirl
0:28:33 Tarmac Rodéo – Savoy Ballroom (The Soulmate Project Remix)
0:31:19 Odd Chap & J Fitz – Follow Me
0:34:18 Alice Francis – Catch the Killer (Intended Immigration Remix)
0:37:24 Elle & The Pocket Belles – Get Down Tonight (Electro Swing Mix)
0:40:08 Balduin, Wolfgang Lohr & Chris Weeks – Future Looks Like You
0:42:31 Bbop – What is Love (Future Swing Mix)
0:45:14 Alice Francis – Stung by a Bee (The Soulmate Project Remix)
0:47:43 Masha Ray & Bbop – Bang Bang (Future Swing Mix)
0:49:41 Swing’it & Sam Norris – Gin (Electro Swing Spin)
0:52:40 Amarià & Shaun The Jazzman – Johnny Relax
0:55:08 C@ in the H@ – Get Buckwild
0:58:20 Tarmac Rodéo – Jukebox (Klischée Remix)
1:01:35 Tarmac Rodéo – Buster Et Charlie (Glenn Gatsby Remix)
1:04:23 LVDS & Glenn Gatsby – Marvelous (Wolfgang Lohr Future Swing Remix)
1:07:07 DJ Weide & Bonny Bee – Mirror in the Bathroom (Electro Ska Mix)
1:10:25 Glenn Gatsby & Sonia Elisheva – Every Now And Then (DJ Mibor Remix)
1:12:12 Al Jawala – Blast Your Ghetto (Glenn Gatsby & Dacha Dynamics Remix)
1:14:34 Alice Francis – Mr. Jones (Balduin Remix)
1:17:34 Bart & Baker – The Swing Phenomenon [LMZG Rework]
1:20:34 Wolfgang Lohr & Dominic Paul – Black Coffee (Electro Swing Mix)
1:23:39 Riff Kitten – We Showed ‘Em
1:25:56 The Soulmate Project – Be Yourself
1:29:01 Masha Ray – Million Roses
1:32:36 Spring Swing 2024 Outro

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