Lamuzgueule – Marshmallow (Single & Video)

Marshmallow, It’s the new single from LMZG – Lamuzgueule, it’s a quest for the after party, to continue an evening, an ode to infinite freedom, mixing pop, electro and swing samples! A title dedicated to your endless discussions, and your happy youth! The cry from the heart of an impeded youth and an unfortunately non-essential culture.

Suddenly we want more, Before time escapes us. We are looking for the after: The after of our lives, the after of our parties, It is an initiatory quest, strewn with pitfalls That leads us instinctively, to the culmination of our joys: the iceberg club, where we still share, where we still merge, where we still love each other, where irresistible rhythms dance and live us… so intensely! Where is the after party !?

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