Welcome Back 20’s – Electro Swing Mix 2

Our “Welcome Backs 20’s Mix 1” has smashed like a bomb and has already over 1 million plays on YouTube. We then created a successful Spotify playlist and even started a merch collection of t-hirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, bags, etc. Thank you all for the great comments and your support, this is absolutely fantastic and amazing!

But then everything went differently than expected, but the corona crisis is also an opportunity for our society. It reveals the uncomfortable things and social injustices and we can now change it and rethink it completely new. The Roaring Twenties are an opportunity to remove old things that have been bad in recent decades and to break fresh ground.

The 1920s were always revolutionary and even at that time there were very hard days, shortly after the First World War, the Spanish flu and later through the Great Depression. Nevertheless, the 2nd industrial revolution prevailed and a lot of prosperity arose and the emancipation of women has started to develop, albeit slowly.

The Golden 1920s sound better than they really were, but they represent hope, joie de vivre, music, culture and the style of a society. We can make good use of that again in the 2020s and maybe we will get into better times afterwards that will change the world positively ?!

However, with good Electro Swing life is better and here comes our Welcome Back 20’s Mix 2. Listen on all platforms below and play it loud, cause it’s #TrendySince2020 and #ItMustSchwing! 🔥🎩🙌

Including Artists

Bart&Baker, PiSk, The Swing Bot, Klischée, DJ Mibor, Varrick Frost, Alanna Lyes, Glenn Gatsby, Odd Chap, Phos Toni, Peggy Suave, Papa Tony, Riff Kitten, Kalletti Klub, Louie Prima, Kitten And The Hip, Charlie Puth, Betty Booom, DKS, Gani Tamir, ProleteR, LVDS and Wolfgang Lohr.


0:00:00 Electro Swing Thing Intro (Extended Version)
0:00:32 Wolfgang Lohr & Alanna Lyes – Golden Twenties (Club Mix)
0:05:07 PiSk – Minnie The Moocher
0:08:40 Peggy Suave – Keep A-Knockin’
0:11:34 Wolfgang Lohr & Phos Toni – My 20s Woman
0:14:32 Odd Chap – The Little Man Who Wasn’t There
0:17:56 Papa Tony – Swing Theme (Radio Edit)
0:21:55 Glenn Gatsby – Shadow Hat
0:24:49 PiSk – Born to Swing
0:28:36 Riff Kitten & Alanna Lyes – 20s Are Here
0:31:24 The Swing Bot – Hooked On Swing
0:34:20 Bart&Baker – Alliez Viens (Via Con Me)
0:37:32 Mr. Jazzek feat. Lil Hardin Armstrong – Oriental Swing
0:39:47 Klischée – Stick To What You Got
0:43:18 Wolfgang Lohr – Top Bop (ESR Edit)
0:47:47 Kalletti Klub – Reefer Man
0:52:12 PiSk – One Steady Roll
0:55:31 The Swing Bot – Shake Like It’s Coming On
1:00:09 Louie Prima & Wolfgang Lohr – Bei Mir Bist Du Scheen
1:03:58 Kitten And The Hip – Shut Up And Dance
1:08:27 Charlie Puth – Betty Boop (Betty Booom Remix)
1:12:04 DKS – Wah Do Wah
1:15:41 DJ Mibor – Live Robot Swing
1:21:07 Peggy Suave – The Greatest Invention
1:23:37 Varrick Frost – Lockdown
1:26:24 LVDS – 1925
1:29:05 Gani Tamir – Night And Day (Swing Hop Mix)
1:31:58 ProleteR – What Lana Says

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