Amarià & Shaun The Jazzman – Johnny Relax
Electro Swing Thing #231

Amarià & Shaun The Jazzman – this duo seems to be unstoppable as they surprise us again with their new release. 🎶✨ This time we present to you “Johnny Relax”!

💃🕺 This incredibly danceable and rhythmic composition features a subtle piano sound that blends perfectly with energetic touches of guitar, wind instruments, and surprising electronic effects. 🎹🎷🎸 Every sound in this track is like a journey through the eras, from the golden years of swing to the modern electronic age. 🌐✨

We guarantee that not only every Johnny but also each and every one of you, dear Electro Swing fans, will perfectly relax to the sounds of the track “Johnny Relax”! 🎧💫

01. Amarià & Shaun The Jazzman – Johnny Relax

Release Date: 2024-02-02
Label: Electro Swing Thing / Catalog No: EST231
Composer & Producer: Arthur-Marie Brillouin, Grégoire Bilbault
© + ℗ 2024 Electro Swing Thing

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