Retronic – All U Gotta Say
Electro Swing Thing #173

Extraterrestrial beat sensation Retronic channels a vast variety of grooves and cultures for its latest track “All U Gotta Say”

Latin brass and guitar, a super smooth house groove and vocals in not one but three languages. Who…or even what else could deliver all that if not our favorite living beat machine Retronic?

“All U Gotta Say” is a musical conversation between two potential lovers. It’s an invitation to be bold and finally make a move sung in Spanish, English and Jamaican Patois. The perfect sound for a chill summer night that simply has to be spend outside in a cozy garden or your favorite bar.

Get ready to be amazed by future technology once more and add “All U Gotta Say” to your smoothest playlist!

01. Retronic – All U Gotta Say
02. Retronic – All U Gotta Say (Instrumental)

Release Date: 2022-08-30

Composer & Producer: Lennart Vonau
Label: Electro Swing Thing / Catalog No: EST173
© + ℗ 2022 Electro Swing Thing

Biography – Retronic

From a foreign galaxy light-years away, musical robot Retronic was sent to planet earth in the 1920s to help invent innovative new genres, styles, and grooves.

His mission seemed successful until an evil professor, who shall not be named, deactivated him in the early 1940s.

More than 70 years later, his lifeless body was discovered in Nashville, Tennessee, where he was finally reactivated and set out to combine the best of vintage and modern music.

He draws from the eras he was most active in and feeds his algorithm with the sounds of his new environment, creating a contemporary yet nostalgic genre called Future Swing.

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