Yabloko Moloko – Flush

Yabloko Moloko – Flush (Album)

Emmanuel Bravo is back in the game with his third studio album: Flush, already available in physical and digital format as well. This album enjoys a strong sound and combines different aspects of electronic music with glam retro.

It comprises performances of guest artists like the poet and singer Paz Balpreda and hes project Suena Con Paz in the singles “Luvage” and “ Made In”, where mystery, sensuality, sex and love interlace poetically while bearing a critical eye. Just as in “A Painful Choice”, where singer and writer Juan Otero a.k.a Jon Other unfolds a story where chaos, melodic dissonance, death and the decision to live take hold of a mind on the edge.

It also mentions the collaboration of Bernardo Casagrande in Saxophone, and has film director Andrés Borghi in charge of the audiovisual production. Flush counts with 10 singles that have Yabloko Moloko starring a musical concept which invites discovery and exploration.

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